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  1. Yes now that I have a usable PDA again :( I started work on this again a couple nights ago now that I've settled on a ROM on my new PDA. My previous PDA died, I tried alot to get it working reliably (Different Radio's, Rom's, A new battery) but it kept turning its self off. I'm worried that I have to many ideas for this project though and could do with another coder if anyone wants to join me. I'm using C#. So far the proxy server works but is only a HTTP Proxy, it modify's the headers to bypass image re-compression (The method the proxy app uses makes it illegal for a transparent proxy to re-compress any of the data, this also speeds up throughput on T-Mobile, maybe they only have 1 server handling the image re-compression?) I ultimately want this proxy to act as a full traffic proxy, I am designing it to be resilient against connection lose. I'm sure many of you also get balloon error messages about the connection being un-available or unable to connect at times especially when your moving between locations?. Or is this something that only happens on T-Mobile (When it switches from 3G/HSDPA to 2G or the reverse; This is when I usually encounter this issue) Normally this would cause the data to error out, instead the proxy buffers it and try's to send it along and on standard protocols that I know and have coded into it, it can keep the connection alive and dribble data through until the device has restored the internet connection. I've also designed the proxy so it can go through another proxy, I'm going to spend some time searching Google for a decent, accurate and up to date Proxy List Data Provider and then intergrate this directly into the control application. (So you can access sites that are restricted by IP RIPE Location - For example TV Streaming Sites) The proxy is also going to include the ability for users to modify headers on all requests. For example the User-Agent/Device header for the iPlayer. I will have a new and much more stable release out within the next month. I still haven't found a way to get IE/PO to use the Proxy Server though, hence why I'm considering the VPN method for future versions. On my own I reckon it will be about 6 months until I reach a final stable release of this. Edit: Does any one think Quality of Service would be worth integrating into this?
  2. Can anyone recommend some good games for this phone? Atm I've only got the standard games and Duke Nukem 3D (Via DOS Emulator supporting IPX, then Hamachi for Multiplayer :( ) Are there any decent 3D Games that run well on the Qualcomm 3D Chip?
  3. I bought WiTopia today (Used Modaco Affiliate link). Pretty happy so far on the PC side, other than the extra 140ms Latency which I'm told by WiTopia will no longer be the case in a matter of days when the UK servers come online. Paul, can you confirm this is how you set up the VPN on Windows Mobile? http://wiki.witopia.net/wiki/Installing_pe..._Windows_Mobile Edit: That appears to use a 3rd party VPN App, so could you please post your instructions Paul? Although the above is a good link for those who have issues with the built-in WM VPN Client. For anyone considering WiTopia and worried that you'll lose speed on your PC + PDA, well i'm able to get my full broadband line rate.
  4. The original and new Official HTC Rom are available on xda-dev. I'm using ROMeOS² at the moment and have no experience with any others so far. Although this is a customized ROM and includes app's like QuickMenu (Decent Start Menu Replacement for all WM devices) The G1 also lacks alot of app's and support at present although I'm sure this will change with the G2, G3, etc. I was personally disappointed to find it only runs Java App's instead of Native Code. Also did you know that Google Android runs on the HTC Touch Pro, its not perfect yet but effectively gives you a Windows Mobile/Google Phone in one. @All (For Reference) All Official Rom's: http://wiki.xda-developers.com/index.php?p...hael_WM6.1_ROMs Most Custom Rom's: http://wiki.xda-developers.com/index.php?p...oked_WM6.1_ROMs
  5. First, phone up T-Mobile and be the 1000'th person to tell them that they screwed up the phone software. Then start reading up over on wiki.xda-dev.com about how to safely flash, you'll probably want the new Offical HTC ROM which you'll find on xda-dev. Also its generally a bad idea to keep your Contacts on your Sim Card, at least if you keep them on the phone you can Back them up!
  6. I thought it was obvious that I was taking the P*** but anyways even so aint it usually 1.8-1.9Ghz for 3G??!..... I did see a up-coming auction in the news for 2.6Ghz for 3G soon though...
  7. On the opposite side of the coin, VMWare are working on a PC Virtualization on Windows Mobile. They've already shown it working on ARM9 Nokia S60 Devices.
  8. QuickGPS is a essential, Why o2 left it out of the default ROM is beyond me but it is included in almost all ROM's. You do however also need to upgrade the Radio ROM to improve GPS lock times as well though. A simple guide for the Touch Pro Flashing is at http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=416211 (HardSPL, Radio ROM, WM ROM), its a easy process and those instructions are simple to follow. (Hint: Click on Bible links for Image Step by Step Page) Huh? Even my old HTC Hermes can play native MPEG-4 AVI at DVD Resolution perfectly... What player are you using as i've never once had a issue in CorePlayer. Edit: Also check out the xda-dev Wiki, you'll learn more there than you would by reading the forum posts...
  9. I get my ROM's from XDA-Dev, the original T-Mobile UK Rom is also available on there. Problems? Nope, I flashed from SD card, took a couple mins, etc and suddenly the PDA doesn't crash every 20 minutes :(
  10. You want the Touch Pro then. :( If you get the Vario 4 though, as said above, make sure you flash it to a Custom ROM when you get it though... G1 lacks Exchange Support, TomTom, etc. Screen is 640x480, just slightly less than the HD's screen. A brilliant screen imho.
  11. Don't, flash to a different ROM instead. T-Mobile UK ROM is the worst I've ever used.
  12. For gods sake, just FLASH IT!!!!!!!!!!! We all know how bad the T-Mob UK ROM is, those with half a brain flashed within a couple of hours of getting it (I sure did because it kept crashing!)
  13. I don't think we'll get any form of extensions, and if we do they'll need to be newly written/designed specifically for the Mobile Version That said, I think Adblock+ would be a essential for PDA's. Especially considering we have Flash (Some Flash Adverts eat alot of CPU)
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