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  1. Mines 75A0A....and doesn't work either. Here's a reply from o2 on the matter: Idiots is my first thought! here's my repy, will have to see what they say!!
  2. Thanks very much! Mine seems to be updating fine at the moment, however there's no display on my Graphite? Just the computer progress bar...quite odd... I'll report back in a bit. Hard luck Dragondude, lets hope they release an Aussie copy soon :) EDIT: Update worked like a charm, can't say I notice much difference so far. The GUI looks a bit nicer though :P Cheers for the effort guys...
  3. 3 peers connected with 3.8% :) Come on people! SEED!
  4. Which is still baffling as the Graphite isn't a HTC device :) MonkeyGadge has given me a torrent link http://www.mininova.org/tor/846364 - but he isn't online at the moment to seed it :P We either need a working serial to download it or someone to upload it to rapidshare or megaupload etc...
  5. Won't take my serial number either :) I tried putting in a Orbit one and it lets me download the Orbit software! Damn it! I've emailed them, so lets see what they say. Funny enough it now says on the product description page that it comes with WM6!!
  6. It's a joke really, I got a very similar answer to that back in June... I don't know why they're dragging their feet so much over this. I hope it's because they are thoroughly testing something for once. If anyone fairly technicially minded gets one of these WM6 graphite's in the mean time, can they dump the rom and host it for the rest of us? :)
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