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  1. Can anyone help with this, bit worried I may have knackered my vega
  2. Hi. Got a bit of an issue with the new update. I have applied the 1.08 update from the advent vega site for a clean install ready for r7. 1.08 worked has expected and everything seems to be ok with the install of r7. However after the r7 install and the vega reboots it goes through the usualy boot cycle and shows the Advent logo at this point the screen appears to go off and the Advent logo appears very dim flashs then goes. The vega will not then turn on, this has now happened twice has I have applied 1.08 twice and each time after the r7 install the issue appears. Below is the output from running r7 on my Win7 64Bit machine Waiting for device... ensure 'USB Debugging' is enabled in Settings-Applications-Development and connect to PC... * daemon not running. starting it now on port 5037 * * daemon started successfully * Mounting and emptying system partition... remount succeeded Waiting for device... rm: can't remove '/system/lost+found': Directory not empty Windows flashing fix phase 1... 1 file(s) moved. Copying new files... Creating Symlinks... Setting permissions... Windows flashing fix phase 2... 1 file(s) moved. Flashing boot image... flashing boot from /data/mcr/boot.img Done, rebooting... Cheers kelv

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