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  1. Hi I use my E650 for work emails and have it connected via Activesync to my companies Outlook web access during the normal working day. 99% of the time it's fine, ( email arrives quicker on the E650 than it does on my laptop !!) However last few days there has been a problem whereby the home screen is not showing new emails. I only realise there are new email when i Select "messages" from the Start menu and it shows "Outlook (5) as an example . It seems that the home screen has become unlinked from the messages area. I am running the ARA rom ( for about 4 months now) and using the overclock cab (about 6 weeks) detailed in this forum but nothing else ? Anyone any ideas why this might be hapening and how i fix it
  2. Maybe a silly question.... When I have finished listening to music via media player, where is the option to "Quit " media player? It seems to hand around in the background all the time using up memory Thanks
  3. Hi all I need a small mortscript script writing for my S710. I have a Bluetooth Stereo in my car which has the facility to play music from the Handset via A2dp. The phone connects fine when you turn the car on but the wireless stereo element will not connect at all. I am willing to make small paypal dontation to anyone who would be willing to write a script for me ($20?) Basically I need the script to:- When the phone makes a bluetooth connection to my carkit 1. Turn Bluetooth off ( bizarre I know but bear with me!) 2. Wait 20 seconds 3. Turn Bluetooth back on 4. tell my phone via either registry keys or series of key presses to enable "Wireless Stereo" for a bluetooth device. Anyone up for it? Thanks
  4. just put an 8gb sandisk in my E650 and it works fine
  5. Can someone confirm, when a dial up call is made, am I being charged by usage(i.e per MB for example ) or am I being charged per minute for access? Thanks
  6. Hello all Have an Orange E650 with a memory card installed and about 500 mp3's installed. IN the car, i have a pioneer deh75bt hed unit which is bluetooth and allows phone calls to be made received via the head unit, works fine. Just get in the car, start the engine and it auto connects and away you go. The head unit also support bluetooth audio streaming....so i can start media player on the e650 and stream music to my stereo from the phone. It works fine and is a cool feature BUT getting the phone to connect in both "handsfree" and "wireless stereo" is a pain. Basicaly, in the bluetooth profile in the phone for the pioneer unit, i have both "handsfree" and "wireless stereo" ticked in the profile yet only the handsfree element connnects automatically. To get the "wireless stereo element to connect, I have to go through a procedure of turning bluetooth off on the phone, re-enabling it, going into the pioneer profile on th phone and selecting "set as wireless Stereo" which then connects fine ! It's just a pain in the ar$e to have to do this everytime i get into the car. Does anyone have any idea how I can make both handsfree and wireless stereo connect at the same time upon startup. ( note I dont have to touch any settings on the head unit at all during this process) Thanks
  7. Excellent, that helps me so far, lets assume the Boston word was in the body of the email....how would I find it then?
  8. Guess it's a simple question - but I am baffled about how to do it. Say I want to search for the word "Boston" in my emails, I.e find the email with Boston in the content, how do I do it? Thanks
  9. Hi All, Can anyone help me out...my Orange E650 seems to have gone on a "go slow" at the moment i.e it's taking ages to open contacts etc and generally navigate around the phone. Have rebooted it several times but no real change( battery out etc) Can anyone advise me of any thing I can do to speed it up etc? Appreciate any advice
  10. Hi Guys Just to let you know, I have had the same problem with my Orange E650 and My Tomtom One - not being able to get traffic alerts. Download the cab files from this page and it works fine - got mine up and running again !! Yipeeee http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread...4371&page=3
  11. Paul, does your fix speed up the general operation of the phone? I find myself regularly waiting for the phone to "catch up" with my key presses! Thanks
  12. Hi Guys Can anyone point me in the direction of an idiots guide which will tell me how to get my E650 to play mp3's via my BT headset (Jabra 500v) I have been trying several times with different software and cannot get anything to work at all Appreciate any help Thanks
  13. Solved this one - it seems if I call answer via the green button the phone - the connection/routing to the headset or carkit does not work. Have worked out if I use the answer button on the headset or carkit, the routing works fine. :rolleyes:
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