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  1. lol, bros! phantom touches (crazy screen) and screen flickering doesn't have anything common with the firmware and the recovery you used to flash the rom... it's either the rom settings/kernel/modules or the device itself. the phantom touches can happen on lower sensitivity/noise values or if the screen protector is on screen and it gathered some electricity from your fingers, could also pop up if some electromagnetic waves comes from around other devices. same behavior on all A1 with 2.2 too...
  2. installed lupo's rom with cwm just now (i don't like twrp: it's choppy, tiny-sized lists, but huge buttons... cwm and malez feel nicer and simpler for me), everything seems okay with the installation. but yet again, power-on button sometimes does nothing (same like in ainillia and youpi's last releases) and I can't wake the phone until I click it like 2-5 times (now it just hang in the end). the screen lighting seem to work more smoothly than youpi's (feeling more steps in animation) but not so smooth like in the liquidnext192. scrolling feels a bit choppy even though I set the clocks to 245mhz-960mhz @ ondemand. hey, lupohirp, can you release the kernel-only update please? would it be possible to install the new kernel on other cm7 firmwares this way? I'm totally disappointed by cm7.2 builds. I've installed liquidnext yet again two days ago and it's smoothness is like 10 times better than all these last releases I tried and everything works fine. and the only problems in the liquidnext are the battery drain and the sd cache size resetting after reboot so it would be nice if I could flash your kernel into it and test a bit.
  3. first run, opening liquidparts -> requests su -> ok -> hang :[ second run, boot -> requests sim pin -> cancel -> looks okay... but no more a1 memorykiller in liquidparts? the interface animations are pretty nice, scrolling menus is fast and not choppy thought opening apps/menus take some time to load. (a1 256mb) the screen lightning is smooth and nice. also the device hung after connecting to wifi ap... keys were lighting up but the display is stuck with same image.
  4. today I got a hang when answered a call, the melody just stuttered forever when I clicked to answer so had to pull the battery... going cm9...
  5. hey lupo don't be hurry, we'll wait whatever it takes and certainly try your kernel :D
  6. Yay, some new behavior here! So I set the governor back to ondemand and the clocks to 245-960mhz (had these at stock 2.2 and it was kewl even up to 998mhz) Everything was fine all the day, I was listening music while going back home, then the phone put on charge. After few hours I noticed that from around 50-60% it charged only up to 88% but on 2.2 I would get it fully charged by that time (that's around 2 hours I think) and the bottom of the phone is pretty warm. I overlook that and kept watching movie on mah PC. Later when I got it showing me 100% it was pretty hot like I were playing some 3d games. Then I decided to check the current cpu clock and the cpuspy showed that it's about 3 hours of being @ 960mhz, but before charging it was like 3 minutes @ 960mhz and all other bars showing @ 245mhz / deep sleep. I put the setcpu on and whoa... - the phone just stuck on 960mhz with ondemand governor. I remember it should be going back and forth in normal condition if you scroll pages/do nothing but in this case - just stuck. Changing upper clock with setcpu didn't lead to anything though the clock was capped by max value, it's a pity I forgot about cm clock config so dunno if that would/not unstuck it... Also the overall performance was pretty choppy (scrolling menus was choppy, installing setcpu was a bit slow for a tiny app). I also took android system info (ASI tool) to check any insidious processes but no... nothing interesting - mostly same apps I use all the time and install from the same .apk from my local drive, nothing was using the CPU, also tried to close everything, stopped some google services, etc that didn't help either.... so reboot made things normal but somehow... DO NOT LAEK.
  7. lupohirp, cool info bro and thanks, gonna check that on current rom with ondemand governor.
  8. Ma7moud, if you'll check advanced settings in wifi then you'll see few modes for it, like: never sleep, never sleep when on charger, sleep when display off. and that's all when wifi is ON. Ainillia, wifi, sync, data were off for night and certainly 3g was on - it's a phone isn't it...? no app was working and the info were showing something like OS android 89%, display 2% as always. this problem is well known around and a real s*** happening on all cm7.2's. it never happens on stock 2.2 and never w/ chocolate kernel. new roms keep coming but this bug just keeps migrating from one to other... who needs a phone which can eat 70-90% while standby in a night. PS only restarting the phone helps for a while but mostly appears again when you put it charging...
  9. okay guys I took mah time to check the rom again, but with few precautions :) - replaced go launcher with adw from youpi's rom; - replaced skull animation with skatedroid from cm7 (yay, the skull is 6 megabytes comparing with skate which is 1,6mb... and looks better); - replaced mi filemanager with rootexplorer; - removed titanium backup. and you kno the rom looks not that bad after all :D but... it DOES drain battery too like all the cm7.2s, it's not fixed: sometimes it has no deepsleep, just whooped from 95% to 30 in 9 hours.... ps can't wait for thepasto's new kernel :[
  10. Ainillia, yep, wiped everything few times, not the first time installing roms. swap? no, just because I never had a need of it in other cm7.2 roms or elsewhere except when running fat games. I thought this is the rom with more ram tweaked ;) well the hang problems is not that bad because all I have to do is just to pull off the battery, then everything was fine. more importantly is a fat launcher, few freezes and slowness of screen turning on (and as I see this is same in youpi's rom too, thought it wasn't in older releases) usju, see for all your steps: want -> install/flash - that's okay, but for the launcher: want->remove->install/flash. Just face it: Does anybody in this thread like the fat and slow launcher? No. Then remove it, problem solved.
  11. had few freezes without OC times, clean install. screen powering slow like in cm7.2 final/improved: I click the power on button and it powers on after 2-3 seconds and if I click it few times while it's turning on then I would see it laggily turning on/off few times :D never had this on previous releases, guys are you sharing bugs with each other? :>
  12. sigh... oh, so kind of you to help me in problems' solving. I did read both posts and I was following it step by step. 5 minutes to start is okay, but as I said it HUNG after choosing language and google account. just hung - blank black screen and even buttons don't work (if the device is not hanging then these buttons always light up but not in this case) secondly, it's a bad idea to force everybody to use some launcher which nobody want to use and to make them install their own each time, even the default one is better... I though the basic idea of replacing launcher is to make the device more responsive and I appreciate if the suggested launcher is good and fast, but in this case - it's just useless piece of s*** on A1. and the last > ..start to complain about something that you really don't want to have in the first place.. damn long sentence but this rom feels like a mistake comparing to old torosso's n honor cm7.2 beta rom on some old kernel and youpi's first releases which were working better... even more - they were almost ideal if not the battery drain problem... so it was obvious for me to except some 'heavily tweaked/fast/new release' rom be fast and to fix known problems, not to create new ones...
  13. just tried this rom... a bit disappointed: 1. first boot - hang with black screen (screen, buttons not) just after choosing language and google account made me a bit cautious. 2. some freaking launcher with some fancy 'never seen before' menus and don't tell me it eats less memory, opening launcher's app list takes forever each time lol! definitely slower than stock 2.2... no idea why u guys keep putting these things... moreover it's up to user which launcher he would be using 3. sometimes 'power' button doesn't turn it on and most likely it's just lagging to turn on because it blinked few times and for the next time I managed to turn it on. (just tried youpi's last rom - had same sometimes, but was never before even on older betas) 4. skull animation sux :> sigh... going stock yet again i think...
  14. GvM

    battery drain

    stock 2.2, with mt fix kernel and unlocked OC, setcpu @ 245-960mhz, ondemand Phone usage: mostly idle/suspended, around 2-4 hours in subway listening music Time in state: 960mhz 0:27:43 0% ... 245mhz 13:48:31 15% Deep Sleep 76:35:16 84% Total State Time 91:00:13 any idea how it can be 91 hours if the phone is 1 day 17 hr after charge (from android stats)? ps reported values for these clocks in setcpu are almost same, excepting that there is no deep sleep info.
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