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  1. If someone has installed squid and configured the proxy, then sure, it's possible. But, DNS does not equate to proxy, and just because you changed your dns server, doesn't mean your browser's proxy settings have changed. They may have the dns resolution cached for a longer period of time than some others, so the lookup is instantaneous. So it seems even fasterER :D.
  2. There you go, someone knows his OSI stuff, I was drawing a blank on how to best describe it. It may look like our posts are conflicting, but they are not. You can implement this tweak over wifi/edge/gprs but it won't make wifi/edge/gprs any faster, just the dns resolution speeds up. If you're downloading files at 150K/sec, this will not make the files be downloaded faster.
  3. I can't answer for #1 as I'm in USA, but for #2, these tweaks will work with any internet connection, whether it be on your phone (gprs/edge/evdo) is irrelevant, DNS is used from a TCP/IP, UDP stance. It will also speed up surfing on your desktop/laptop(the impression atleast). It's OS independant, Linux, Windows, OS X all benefit, as the dns layer the same across all systems that have tcp/ip implemented (pretty much everything).
  4. I'm no guru, but you're on the right track, these tweaks are similar to the "web accelerators" that dial up services offer. Having a hosts file or a less visited dns server than say T-mobiles will give you the impression of things being faster as there is less overhead. For the people who are now experiencing an increase in transfer speeds, I have no idea what changed.. the time to download a file doesn't change as by that point the dns resolution has already taken place, and does not happen again. I didn't check all the screens Paul posted so maybe he made you change some other settings as well, but dns alone doesn't make the interweb go faster :D.
  5. Hi Paul, Nice topic, I guess i'll add my $0.02. 1. If you visit the same sites quite often, you can hard code their dns translation by editing the hosts file. This will speed things up even more, as you're not having to make the trip to your dns server. Windows phones are somewhat crappy in the way they handle their DNS cache (comparing my MDA II vs Treo 650). 2. If you visit sites that have ads etc, you can speed things up by making the ip address of those adservers always be You'll get a lot of "connection refused" messages but you don't mind not seeing ads do you ? :D http://www.mvps.org/winhelp2002/ Is a great site to keep track of these servers. I'm not sure where the hosts file will be on your phone, but on windows it's in c:\windows\system32\... I use the same hosts file on my laptop (os x) and it's sped things up incredibly for myself. The best way to find an open dns server that's fast and close to you is to talk to your local admin/linux guy who may be running a cacheing nameserver for himself, traceroute, ping the ip address of the nameservers, and whichever has the fewest number of hops, low ping times, and quick responses to things like nslookup will be your best bet. OpenNIC is a great site for the dns servers as well.
  6. Good work Paul. Just a note.. I was on vacation when this happened, and I was awoken from my vacation for this..thanks a lot Cocky.. a big f u. Next time, you should try to rig the raffle, and not just steal.. this is 2005.. low tech crimes don't pay :).. ::napoleon dynamite:: Gosh! ::/napoleon dynamite::
  7. Markspace has released an update to Missing Sync. This syncs flawlessly with the M2000. It can use USB or Bluetooth, or even the built in Wifi. I only tested the USB and BT versions with my 12 inch G4 powerbook. It worked flawlessly. Even the Bluetooth sync, which has always given me problems in Windows. I think this completes my transition to a complete Windows free environment on the desktop/laptop front at home. Now all my contacts from Addressbook, and all my calendar events are synced flawlessly, to the phone AND to the iPOD. (Yes, it's necessary to be on the ipod as well). The setup was a breeze, just download the file from the server, (purchase etc). Install from the DMG, restart.. and connect the device. It works flawlessly the first time. Calendar sync is slower than ActiveSync, but thats a small price to pay (10-15 seconds). Screenshots are here, (when fullsize, they are 1680x1050). Syncing in Progress Confirm Calendar Sync (first time only) And Sync Complete
  8. Wait.. what refresh ? Paul... did you have the site doing a meta-refresh ?.... Bad paul.. bad bad paul.
  9. The MySQL error is completely different than the cannot find server error. Internet explorer gives the same error message no matter what, but FF will give you either the MySQL error or the domain not found error. Next time you get this message, can you please give me the results of : ping www.modaco.com ? (Do it in your dos window). I'm looking into the MySQL problems.. but your dns error is new to me...
  10. Open Water -- Was horrible Blade Trinity -- Horrible Hmmm can't think of many more right now, probably repressed memories that I went to see a doctor for.
  11. Here are some pics of modaco on my Orange M1000. I'm not good at taking pics of the phone yet, so please be patient. I'll be working on this and post updates as things improve. Some things of note. When you start minimo, it changes the Start Bar to the bottom of the page so the Start menu and the phone signal strength etc all show up on the bottom. This gives Mozilla the rest of the screen to work with. I'm not sure if this is a bad thing, as I kinda liked it. We'll see. Modaco Loading The LoFi version
  12. this looks a lot like the M1000 ? or am I not reading properly and it is supposed to be the m1000 ? :(.
  13. Just curious if there are any utilities to enhance/upgrade/ get newer today themes, and just general skinning ability of the M1000 ? The homescreens section of modaco are for smartphones only right ?.
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