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  1. If you get the message saying "You already have the latest driver". Don't hit ok, but search your \Program Files\Microsoft Activesync\HTC Folder and you'll find a rang eof .CAB files that you can maunally move to the pocket pc and try. Hitting OK removes these files. I have a HTC touch and can't get the y-Cable to recognise the W100 Remote control (So much for listening to music while its synching!), I tried a couple of different .CAB files , but each caused the music to stop playing altogether, even through the in built speaker. I had to reset the Touch to factory settings :)
  2. Its bad enough being on an OS thats almost 3yrs old..now i can't even stay upto date with RSS feeds! heheh oh well, will bide my time until i can get the next smartphone.
  3. I run 2002, and im trying to get fusd.rss to work. I've downloaded the CAB file, moved it temporarily onto the storage card, then used smartexplorer to execute the CAB file.. It seems to install successfully, but then when I try to run it from the Programs Menu the following error appears "ERROR Can't find 'fusd.rss.smartphone'(or one of its components)...." What am I missing?
  4. When I plug my Qtek 7070 (spv e100) into the USB sync cable Autosync fires up as normal, synchronises as normal. But then prevents me using Internet Explorer on my desktop. Any page i try to seach comes up with a DNS error. I can however use my smartphone to look up websites..and other programs such as outlook express or msn work fine. My internet connection is via a LAN plugged into an ADSL modem. Any suggestions to what im doing wrong?
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