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  1. Hi All, Just recieved a One S as a replacement for my damaged sensation today. When charging I can literally only see a fleck of orange through the speaker grill (one hole) at certain angles. Is this normal or has the LED been misaligned? I kind off suspect this is a refurb that has been badly put together because I can see the headphone socket has been used. How visible are other peoples notification LED's? Any help would be appreciated so that I can ring orange if necessary and get them to replace it. Cheers, Pfrog
  2. Love the Rom. But also having problem with usb transfer rates. Horribly slow with my class 4 card. P frog
  3. I would like the phone to ring from the speaker as well when connected to my bluetooth stereo headset and I cant find any way to do this. I wear my headphones round my neck in the car and would like to just pop one in when i get an incoming call but as it is the phone doesnt ring and i just miss calls. Help appreciated, Cheers, P Frog
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