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  1. Thank you so much Paul, will flash in few minutes! I really appreciate ur work! Always!
  2. This seems and Im sure it is a huge wonderfull work! Thank u so much m8... I ll try it soon!
  3. zipredictive

    MCR r22 Archive

    just became a premium! Lets try this first :P
  4. awesome it worked!!! thank u so much paul!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. hi!!!I've htc s710 alias Vox and this software is awesome I used the ink files with v.1.4 now with 2.0b4 I use the automatic Cpu and it works great. But I have a problem with low light (not in 1.4 version) when I set the light to low it works but when I locke the keys with the red button and then I unlock it the light returns bright. Is it possible to solve this problem? thanx
  6. zipredictive

    Youtube goes mobile!

    what the hell.... I have a Htc Vox too but it doesn't work. When I click on Watch Video WIndows Media Player Starts but I get this error... An Error Occured 0x80004005.... DO u use wmp or another player? Thanx
  7. zipredictive

    NEW VOX theme: ZeN (UPDATED)

    i love this thanx keep going
  8. zipredictive


    Hi guys have u tried this? http://www.smart2go.com/en/ It works on my htc s710 but just the first time , second time it asks me for metro zone

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