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  1. Yehaaa

    A stupid Question.

    You cant, but maybe theres 3rd application witch can do that :) G00000000000GLE.COM
  2. Yehaaa

    ..::> 3D Menu System for VOX <::..

    oh.. you triend download first attachment and copy / paste the folder your sd card and take card out and bush it in. now you screen going to install it and you phone says u must reboot phone. if this doesnt work i dunno your problemo. ;)
  3. Yehaaa

    ..::> 3D Menu System for VOX <::..

    nobody cant delete icons! on this versio, but maybe if you do some fixes this version. or some update this.
  4. Yehaaa

    ..::> 3D Menu System for VOX <::..

    srry icons cant deleted by user. ;/ but you can get them work if you download extra applications. or install 3d menu on this 3D_Menu.zip
  5. Yehaaa

    ..::> 3D Menu System for VOX <::..

    Sorry guys im tested this only on vox i think, dont use this program other devices :] or you need other version. try install 3d_menu__.zip its maybe works.. you can only edit icons by moving.
  6. Yehaaa

    Vox only starts in bootloader

    why you dont try hard format on this way? first turn off phone then power on and bush two softkeys down and hold when you get bootloader, press green dial key. works me.. hope you understand my bad english ;)
  7. Yehaaa

    ..::> 3D Menu System for VOX <::..

    This app not shortes battery life, im tested this several weeks now And results are positivs. When you activate this program, you dont need start it aqain when you reboot the phone. So.. dont worry about battery life. ;)
  8. Yehaaa

    ..::> 3D Menu System for VOX <::..

    and pr0sper default menu works perfect ;)
  9. Yehaaa

    ..::> 3D Menu System for VOX <::..

    yeah sure you can uninstall it on settings > remove programs ;)
  10. 3D Menu System Here is the 3d menu for any wm6 smartphone included in the zip is the 3d menu cab files and the removal of the application security. i have also included the de brand pack which removes the htc green colours and the blur version of the audio manager as well. After the 3d menu is installed you have to take out the batery from the phone for 30 seconds as the phone will not boot for some reason ( why i do not know ) but by removing the battery the problem is solved and the phone will boot up normally , you will also have the homescreen which will give you the option to switch from 2d to 3d but if you do not like that the switch application can be found in the menu under applications ( in the 3d menu ) The zips enclosed are . 3d menu ( an automated version which you copy and the phone will install it automaticly ) simply copy the extracted 2577 folder to your sd card and reboot the phone or remove and reinsert the sd card for it to install. Or for people who have problems with getting it to work use the 3d menu + as this contains only the cab files for the 3d menu PLUS the application unlock , the S710 htc debrander and the blue audio manager ( if you have the nasty green htc version ) the debrander removes all the green htc icons and call screens and gives you the blue screens. If you have the dopdo rom and want the original htc S710 rom you can download it from (edit : link removed ) the rom you need is RUU_Vox_HTC_WWE_1.15.405.2_4.1.13.37_02.83.90_Ship.exe The 3rd zip is the extra applications you get the voice commander and info feed should you want them the 3d menu has been tested and works on both wm5 and 6 ( spv C600 and a htc S710 )by installing only the 3d cab and homescreen fix 3D_Menu.zip 3d_menu__.zip xtra_applications.zip
  11. You can remove account by hard formatting your device if its not working you can sell you phone a WAY!
  12. Yehaaa

    Rubber USB Cover won't stay shut

    im cuted out stupid rubbers now it is so cute fone :) not ugly rubbers
  13. SO SO SO SO COOL THANKS :) i love you theme
  14. Hello any1? knows when new Firmware comes for htc vox? :/ and settings/windows update not working :)

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