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  1. TheDrizzle

    Omnia II 3D Cube UI

    Don't think it's possible because of a lack of hardware 3d support on the original omnia.
  2. Well to be totally honest it was a combination of impatience and miscalculation. Since I saw the Pre, I always thought it was neat device, and I was excited to hear last week that it was coming to Verizon. So I listed my Omnia on ebay and activated an old Moto Q to use a temporary phone until the Pre was released. Well after my Omnia sold, the old Q stopped making and receiving calls! So I was left with no phone, and I could not live another 3 weeks plus with no phone! The Eris was my top choice BEFORE the Pre was coming to Verizon, so I decided to just get one on eBay and be done with it. Anyway, if I don't end up liking the Eris, I can always sell it back on ebay, or get the Pre when my ne2 upgrade comes in September...
  3. I just picked up a used Droid Eris on ebay. I don't know if the digitizer went out on my Omnia, but the touch screen was pretty miserable to use, especially compared to the iPhone. But I am not ditching Verizon, so thats off the table for me. I was considering holding out for the Palm Pre (out on VZW in about 2 weeks) but decided on Android instead. Anyway, I can always do the ebay shuffle again and get something else down the line if I dislike the Eris.
  4. TheDrizzle

    TF3D on i910

    That video shows Manilla2D (also called TouchFLO2d). It is a ported version of touchflo3d without some of the fancy 3d animation that is on the normal version. There are several ROMs around that have that built in. The newest version around (called M2D2) was ported from the HTC mega and some cool effects like weather data from GPS location on home screen and the animated flip clock. You can get the cabs for this one from this thread: http://www.modaco.com/content/i9x0-omnia-h...uild-1919-1432/ I would recommend just flashing a ROM with it though, it's much less of a headache. The older (original) version of M2D is the one from the video. It has the "rain" animation, but the flip clock is static, and only weather tab has weather data. You can find the "all in one" cab for that one at this site: http://winmo.sztupy.hu/m2daio.html (must install to device memory).
  5. A new thread was started as the original author of that thread has taken a break from the project. The other thread is still around, just not stickied anymore.
  6. TheDrizzle

    swype on i910 works !

    Works pretty well!! The screen sensitivity of the Omnia is still so-so, I have to use my fingernail, not fingertip, to get really accurate results from it. It's nice to see new stuff working on our Omnias!
  7. TheDrizzle

    NEW STYLE ROM 6.5.3?

    That ROM does the home screen wall paper based on the weather, like the HD2?? It does have the more finger-friendly GUI elements...
  8. Well, it is definitely a rough "proof of concept". It seems to work, but the if I just slide with one finger it still zooms, so not sure if it is even doing anything with both points. Definitely something to keep an eye on as it develops.
  9. Saw this on pocketnow.com - http://pocketnow.com/tweaks-hacks/multitou...sistive-screens There is a "pre-Alpha" SDK that allows for "fake" multi-touch on resistive screens. You have to use one finger as an "anchor" and then you can zoom in and out by sliding the other. The driver is available at XDA (link in the article). Not sure if it will work with our Omnias, but I'm going to check it out!
  10. TheDrizzle


    Sort of... PointSense is a theme for PointUI Home 2. PointUI Home is like "pesterware". It will work, pretty much 100% functionality, but every night it pops up a dialog that you must dismiss asking you to pay money for it.
  11. Resco Keyboard Pro w/iPhone skin: http://www.resco.net/pocketpc/keyboard/ I was disappointed in this though, TouchPal is much better.
  12. TheDrizzle

    Did everyone give up???

    Omnia II release confirmed for Verizon on 12/02 - http://pocketnow.com/tech-news/verizon-sam...ly-launch-dec-2
  13. TheDrizzle

    weather using gps

    Have you seen the new TouchFLO 2.0? You can use the "Home" tab to track weather using GPS/Cell tower triangulation, but use the "Weather" tab track weather for a specific location. The only downside is the cities database is pretty small by default, and it is somewhat of a pain to edit the XML file to add more cities.
  14. TheDrizzle

    Opera 10 beta

    How does the zooming work? In the 9.7 builds that were around, there was only the double tap to zoom; you couldn't zoom in multiple levels.
  15. Check out the thread about the OmniaLite apps. The OmniaLite calendar, keyboard, and message program are all much better then the default WinMo apps.

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