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  1. No cells at all and I did install the cert CAB
  2. I have been attempting to run both the Navizon and CA3 software on my O2 Graphite with WM6 without success. When either application switches on the wifi the phone service is switched off automatically, although it is still shown as 'On' in the Wireless Manager app. If I go and switch the phone service off and on in Wireless Manager after loading CA3 then I can run CA3 but it does not find any cells. Is this because I have switched the phone off and on while CA3 is running or is there some other issue? Any suggestions gratefully received, other than get a new phone :) I managed to run Navizon on wifi only and get the sum total of 4 points! It would be great if either Navizon or CA3 had the option to not switch the wifi on automatically because I could then find the cell towers one day and the AP's on the reverse journey. PS Paul I have refereed you on my Navizon account but as I currently have only 4 points this won't be much use :D
  3. Thanks for the reply and you are right. There is another System Information screen (!!) and that says Windows Mobile 6 Standard. Ray
  4. I am confused as I recently (3 weeks ago) got a new Graphite from O2 and I am not sure whether it has Wm5 or Wm6 on. The box it came in had the label 'WM6 Upgrade' on but the System Info on the device says Windows Mobile 2005 version 5.2.1616. So I downloaded the WM6 upgrade from the XDA website and when running the update it says that the Device OS Version (UK_V3.4.0_XB_070711) and Device Radio Version (V2.17.2.P9_2007-06-11) are the same for the device and for the software upgrade. So before I proceed does anyone know how I can tell whether I have WM5 or WM6 on the device and should I just trust what System Information says? And do the versions listed above suggest I have WM5 or WM6 or are they are red herring? Thanks Ray

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