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  1. Finally Google add this to the stock N7 keyboard in the latest keyboard update!
  2. Another vote for Franco's kernel. Big battery improvements for me, over the last couple of weeks.
  3. Yeah, no smart sleep but actually a nice case, particularly as it doesn't really increase the size of the device.
  4. errrm, yes :D Trying to decide what to replace my 3 year old T-Mo Hermes with. Maybe one of these bad boys.
  5. Green 'retweet' button, right hand side of 1st post, third of the way down.
  6. You can't, is what Confuscious was saying. You have an iPhone. This application (and this forum) is not for an iPhone. It will not work. I suggest Google for an answer to your last question.
  7. Yep - individual warnings for each speed limit and type of camera e.g. gatso 30, gatso 40, specs etc. Single File: Contains all the speed cameras in a single file irrespective of type. This category contains all of the above categories, except for the Continental one. It is for UK users who have SatNav systems that can only use a limited number of POI categories: pocketgps_uk_sc Consolidated by Type: Contains one file for each type of speed camera. This is just the main categories and none of the subcategories that show speed limits: pocketgps_uk_gatso pocketgps_uk_mobile pocketgps_uk_redlight pocketgps_uk_specs Speed Zoned: Contains the speed cameras in individual files for each speed limit and each camera type. If you want the above but with subcategories of the Gatso, Mobile, and SPECS databases to show speed related cameras: About 20 files....
  8. >Where do you copy the files to on your device? (i.e. the path) 'Storage Card\Western_Europe' >Which version of the databse do you download, the 'all in one' one or specific parts? 'UK - Speed Zoned Complete' and 'EUR - Single file with all cameras'.
  9. >Do you use the database with TomTom (or perhaps another navigation solution)? Yes. >Are you frustrated by manually downloading / decompressing / copying updates every time a new database comes online? Grrr, yes. >Would an AppToDate script for deploying said updates be the answer to all your prayers? Yay, yes yes yes.
  10. Depends on what data connection(s) your phone and applications are set to use.
  11. ...for the 5% of the time that I don't use Opera Mini? I'll have a play.
  12. Nice one, thanks. It's a shame there's no way of retaining all the existing app settings when updating the JVM.
  13. Anyone know of a quick quide for moving/installing Jbed Java 3.1 20080222 on to the Storage Card? Ta.
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