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  1. mr._mobile

    Introducing... the HTC Touch HD

    thats a beautiful phone
  2. mr._mobile

    Official T-mobile WM6 download live?

    im gueesing this is for ppc users rite?,anyway what is it, an update for wm6?
  3. mr._mobile

    wats wrong with palringo

    i cant sign on, but i logged on to tthe site easy but when i try to sign in to im it keeps tryin to connect
  4. mr._mobile

    Blackjack II to be released VERY SOON!!!

    i think its cool i didnt liek the blackjack but the second one seems nice im just so used to typing on the dash that its gonna take me a while to adjust to new hardware
  5. there has to b a way to put animated gifs on a homescreen, theres always a way to somethin. i would try it myself but i have no clue as where to start in doing so, but the theme is cool i love it even tho i hate the iphone lol
  6. this them rite here is by far the best one ive come across in a long time, but now im wondering that instead of a still image of the fish on the main screen, be changed into a .gif image to have a flow more exotic look to the teme. which i think is shhwweeeet, any1 have sum feedback on that idea?
  7. smart monitor? i cant find it anywhere
  8. mr._mobile


    if so it would b better to communicate thru there than posting cuz im not online everyday. im into smartphone technology and love this forum so if anyone uses it hit me up im intereted in learning from all u guys n im prety sure i can help too as i do know the dash very well
  9. mr._mobile

    Excalibur eT9 Language Pack

    how do i use thois program it is installe don myphone but do not know hopw to change languages
  10. cool theme i just dont know how to install it i dont kow how to do any of these things some help would b nice thnx alot......`tony`...
  11. hey guys anyone know or can tell me specifically how to install mario on my dash? i have had the phoen for 7 months and just upgraded to wm6, its the only thign ive ever done to it now on youtube i see a video with this guy playin super mario on his dash and well now i want it badly i have no idea on how to do this nor how to look for it. any help would be nice thanks
  12. mr._mobile

    WM6 for the Excalibur/Dash/Mail/E600

    thanks guys im new here i own a dash anybody know alot about the device hit me upi love mobile rtechnology but its hard for me to keep up so if anyone feel they can help me out with tips n tericks please do so thanks

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