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  1. Ok work have come back to me giving me 4 Options now SE M600i, Samsung i600 {Windows Mobile 5}, E650 SPV, ora Motorla V8 {O/S unknown but it saays it uses Windows Media player ??} Any info that would help me decide will be more than Welcome .... i dont need a posh/fancy camera just Email and HTML browser.
  2. Ok found something near to what im looking for called "Emoze" .... http://www.emoze.com/en/what.is.emoze.html not sure if anyone here has had any run ins with this before if so please let me know ..
  3. Hi there might be wrong place totaly to ask about this But im upgrading a handset to a SonyEricsson M600i {phone for Work}. And i have 3 Email accounts that i run Via Outlook Express at home as well as a Work email account Via VPN. Is there a client Type Email Manager for the SE M600i that runs near Blackberry or can one get Blackberry Client onto them ? Im not wanting to use Push as that has wonr many battery's out very fast from what i have seen in the past Any information on this would be more than helpfull. {Yes i choose this handset out of the range that was there as i have always had SE handsets there was an E650 SPV but i like to stick to what i know works for me.}
  4. Ok this might be a Totaly silly question but i can't seem to find any answer to it anywhere else. can SonyEricsson handsets get Viruses ?? if so are there Antivirus Software for them ? i hit search in Google and come up with some really funny things that say nothing ?? so any advice would be much apreciated.
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