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  1. I also can't. Is it possible ( to flash i600/i607 )? Maybe someone wats to scare us because we play with barely legal software or sth? Plese notice that those who have "bricked" their telephones have very few posts. But if I am wrong please correct me. V
  2. It is very typical in all BT car kits I know. Phone book is not working if your telephone is more sophisticated than Nokia 6310 or something. My friend bought himself new Jaguar with built in BT set and realized that his LG phone does not work with it at all. Jaguar service softly answered that for this car recommended phone is... nokia 6310 :rolleyes: V
  3. To all +++ Did anyone experience simmilar problem ???? V
  4. Mitchello, one more question. When someone calls you and you push the green button in your Parrot system - can you hear your interlocutor's voice immediately or after some 4-6 seconds like in my 3100?? With Nokia I did not experience this problem. But here I have the habbit of waiting few seconds before I answer :rolleyes: Thanks, Vasylek
  5. I'm getting into the habit now of unlocking my phone before I get in the car and leaving it in my pocket. With the great interface on the display on the 3200LS I don't need to access the phone at all when driving.
  6. D1 firmware still unstable !!!! After few days of experience I confirm D1 is much better. But I still experience "hangs" at least once a day - while answering the phone. V
  7. Thanks for your info. The Parrot ck3100 works fine too EXCEPT the fact that keypad must be unlocked, which is uncomfortable. All the tricks with maniac keylocker did not help. BTW maniac makes my phone unstable (hangs). And with Nokia e61 ( and all other nokias too) you can sit into the car with you telephone LOCKED in your pocket. When you dial the number Parrot unlocks the phone, then when the call is finished it locks it again. Comfy - that's the way it should work. Hence i600 needs some improvement in this field. V
  8. Mitchello ! And when the keypad is locked can you still dial the numbers from the Parrot 3200 ? V
  9. Terry ! Could you please tell me, which keys should be unlocked to make the car kit working? And where con I find the key numbers? PS Maniacs Autokeylock works on i600. Thanks, V
  10. Thanks, I will try it tommorrow morning :rolleyes: V
  11. Hi! I have installed Edit: Please don't link to ROMs hosted on rapidshare soft and it works great. No more hangs while answering the phone, longer battery life. This one is great at last. Vasylek :rolleyes:
  12. Hi! I have i 600 and Parrot ck3100. I have found the following way to export the phonebook by "object push". First instal Total Commander for Windows Mobile. If i600 is your new telephone, you must have somewhere the contacts from your old telephone as separate v-cards ( I used to save the Nokia phonebook this way). Copy these contacts to sd card. Open Total Commander, mark all contacts ( by pressing caps shift and scrolling). Then right click and choose send by bluetooth / beam ( the option is only effective when telephone is paired with BT set). The contacts are beeng copied then. It took about 1 minute to copy my 400 contacts. Not "one by one" - all of them at once. The audio quality is good as far as the samsung voume is turned to the maximum and BT kit volume is low. I have two problems with BT car kit and plese help me somebody if you can. First: when answering the phone, it takes 2-3 seconds before voice of the calling person (or mine) is beeing heard. Second, worse: phone must NOT have it's keyboard locked, otherwise I can't use voice commands to dial the number ( but I can still answer the phone). Any ideas? Thanks, Vasylek
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