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  1. My wife & I each have an i600. They worked perfectly for the first 4 months or so but since about 2-3 weeks ago we have been experiencing the same "Connecting..." problem after the first web page loads. IT SEEMS THAT IT IS THE NETWORK, AND NOT THE PHONE. Switching the data connection to automatic from ExpressNet did NOT fix the problem. Verizon has recommend a hard reset but I am skeptical this will fix it. Harris
  2. Does anyone know how to get maps for areas that are not already in Microsoft's map download section for Pocket Streets for Smartphone?? Thanks, Harris
  3. Does anyone know if Microsoft's new Pocket Streets works on Smartphone 2002 and the Samsung i600?
  4. To send emails from Verizon on the i600 you can type "6245' in the "To:" box and then put the recipient's email address in the "Subject:" line.
  5. Thunderhawk works very well on the Samsung i600. Though it does appear to coexist poorly with Xbar 1.0
  6. Has anyone ever used Microsoft Portrait before on the smartphone? Here is the link for the: http://research.microsoft.com/~jiangli/portrait/ Thanks
  7. Is there any software available or any known hacks to take advantage of the voice record feature on the smartphone to also record telephone conversations? Thanks.
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