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  1. Hi and thanks for the reply! I'm sure it is the phone, as my HTC one and iPhone are fine, but in a strange turn of events, its now working well? so I am not sure what happened, I must admit I have never found the Nexus 4 that great with wi-fi anyway. But its ok for now!
  2. I have tried a few different roms, back to Paul's, but my wi-fi is playing up, it says it has an excellent conection but the wi-fi icon in the top right stays grey, and no internet on wi-fi? Anyone know how to fix?
  3. I cooked 5 roms now and still can't get exchange working "couldn't open connection to server" I have selected the mail/exchange buttons, do I leave the Samsung one on or of? (I've tried both combos so far) I can't stand the Samsung email client, please help!
  4. I have tried the kitchen and added email with exchange, but it just crashes? and system is very unstable? Now restoring, not sure what I did wrong, downloaded twice, any advice? I also did a full wipe and exchange still did not work?
  5. I've tried two sim unlock sites, but no joy, I have the O2 Sensation, and want to unlock it, any ides? Spoke to an unlocking company, they said the codes weren't out yet, but will be soon, the Sensation is £429 on PAYG at o2 which is not bad!
  6. I take it it can't be done, this thing just keeps having the sleep of Death, 3/4 times a day, seams a bit flakey to me, and ideas?
  7. How would you unroot the Transformer? I want to return, and need a little help. Many thanks!!
  8. Its happening to me 3/4 times a day, only got it Saturday, think this may be going back!!
  9. Just got it from o2 on PAYG for 399 and put my vodafone sim in and it works!! Cool!!
  10. That would be great! http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=682828
  11. I Have the same problem?, and I have the HTC twitter app, so not sure why, maybe Paul will sort soon.
  12. Is this an update to cyanogen-eclair-hero-beta1.zip? if so do we need to do a wipe?
  13. amjb71

    WPA wifi

    Hi, My HTC Hero cant seam to join my WPA/WPA2 Personal network? all my other devices are fine, but if I have an open network its fine (I really don't want an open network) is there anything I can do? I'm running 2.7 and the latest radio (thanks Paul!) Many thanks
  14. Very Cool! Fanbloodytastic! Thanks Paul!!
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