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  1. Hello : I have cyanogenMod ROM i cant use another gmail acount ....always ask the details from the previous owner.... Already did a factory reset Help please. Thnks in advance.
  2. Hello : When i open my contacts (phonebook) i got a error...seccontacts.exe. Im on h1 Please help-me Best regards Luis
  3. Hello : What weather applications do you use ? Is there any widget ? Thnks a lot
  4. http://www.unlocksamsung.co.uk/guides.htm
  5. i was loking for that...thnks . And how to switch to gprs only ?
  6. Hello : 1 -How can i switch from 3g to gprs ? in my htc phones i can do this easly in the phone menu. ? 2- Should not apear a H when im conected to hsda ? 3- In the widegt menu is tere a way to put my calendar (mettings ) 4- What task manger should i use ? is there any rom h1 Thanks a lot
  7. I Flashed...and it work like a charm. Just don know if the phone now is unlocked. I have to do the simgapore trick...
  8. Just bought OMNIA today SGH I900 . PDA :I900XCH65/BBHG6 PHONE :I900XXHG5 Its network locked. How to unlock its free or i have to pay ? Can i flash it ? Thnks a lot
  9. is locked to tmn. portugal Thnanks a lot
  10. Hello: How can i unlock my omnia ? Thnks in advance´ l
  11. solved !!!! Hello : Is there any version to upgrade my i600 to wm6 tha got english version ? Im from Portugal and is not yet availeble. Can someone post me a link to download this upgrade ? Thnks a Lot.....
  12. I mean that we all have a brick now ! :rolleyes: There is no solution... i think ....the solution is change the board that costs usd 300.
  13. Shall we all forget the i600 when flashed to i607 ?
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