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  1. Hi all, I guess I'm pretty new to this having read many of the posts but I hope all the experts can help. I found a topic back in June 2005 that compared Smartphone to Pocket PC, with the main upshot being the smartphone tends to win out. In light of new technology and service from the telecomms providers in the UK, I'd like to resurrect the discussion if I may. Which is best? I'm interested 'cos I'm looking to make the choice pretty soon. Friday I had my mind made up to go with a T-Mobile Vario II, but having read some more internet traffic, confused again. I expect to use the functions of the device in the following order: 1. Interactive web browsing 2. Word/Excel Data entry 3. Email (private) 4. Email (corporate) 5. Scheduling/Contacts, etc 6. Music Player 7. Video Player 8. Voice calls I have a corporate phone which I tend to use all day to make the voice calls hence my voice down the bottom of the list. My tight company won't turn on data for me, so looking to get a private device. I'm in central london a lot, so contemplating using WiFi more often to keep cost of use down, but will need G3 for speed where I can't get WiFi. Is this the right way to go? Any thoughts? Also looking for some guidance about which UK networks are best for this. Any guidance would be useful. Many Thanks MJS.
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