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  1. Arg! Installed V5 over V3 and the Orange homescreen and colours are back! Icons in the Start Menu are true WM6 ones tho
  2. I had the same issues with WLM. Its almost like the T9 Engine doesn't engage on the numeric pad and only get numbers. I hard reset my device this evening and found out if you install and activate WLM before you install the de-brander everything works fine. Only small niggle I have found, and I have to admit its almost nit-picking, is when you're in a text message and change to numbers from any other text entry method at the top where its says Xt9 or ABC the numbers read 12# where it used to be 123. But like I said, its just nit picking!
  3. Every app that I have installed since installing has given me the spinning wheel of death. Route 66 installed fine, but the phone won't get past the R66 splash screen. It just hangs and needs a battery pull to get out of it. I hope this can be sorted as I'm away on my holidays next week and this is the only form of Sat Nav I have! Its a great Cab file tho. It makes you realise what a crime the guys at O commited when they designed this ROM. Thanks Paul!
  4. Yep.. I want to pay for it as I want to be able to view and send mail from my Hotmail account which the free version doesn't do.. I'm already on WM6 as I have the E650 - Its just such a shame that Orange have butchered it to take out all the MSN features. Does anyone think a petition to Orange would be good? After all, they're losing money now as I'm no longer using as much data now as I used to. It seems some what a bit of bad business sense.
  5. Hey eveyone... I'm in some serious need of help here as I'm starting to tear my hair out... I got my lovely new and shiney E650 just over 2 weeks ago now and I was aghast to fine it didn't include Pocket MSN or Windows Live. This was really the only part of any Windows Smartphone that I really used on a day in and day out basis. So.. I went off to the MSN Mobile website and downloaded and installed Pocket MSN and it installed fine.. All was going well - until I tried to activate the product. I pointed my PC at mobile.msn.com, clicked where it told me to click to activate my product, entered my MSN username and password, and then... Nothing.. An error message 8055 which states: Plan temporarily unavailable The selected plan is temporarily unavailable. Please select a different plan, or try again later. If you get this message more than once, report it as a recurring problem. Message 8055 I get this message on both of my MSN accounts (work and personal) and I've tried it on Windows Vista with IE7, XP with IE6 and Mozilla Firefox. I even tried with with PIE, but it told me that my broswer wasn't supported. So I fired off an email to Microsoft Help to see if they could fix the problem, but they don't seem to have much of an idea. Just keep mailing me back to try things that I've already tried. I can't even find a mention of Error 8055 on the internet either. So I'm at a bit of a loss. Has anyone on here ver seen this message? If so, how did you get around it? Many thanks!
  6. I really want to ise Pocket MSN on my E650... I have it installed, but I can't activate it - I either get the activation page in Chinese or I get a message saying 'The plan you have selected is unavailable' I'm really willing to give Microsft my £10.99 but for some reason they don't want to take it! Has anyone got any ideas?
  7. Hey everyone! I recently picked up one of these beauties on Ebay for less than £100. It was a total bargain... But when I got it, the phone still has some of the previous users information on it. I've looked through the menu and I can't find the 'Clear Storage' function. The only option I have is to clear the HDD, but nothing about the user memory. Will I have to go through everything and clear it all individually or is there something on the phone I haven't found yet? Thanks.
  8. Hey all! Happy new year everyone! I've recently started using my C600 again after a few months of toying with a Nokia, but I'm having problems with WMP10 on my device. I use WMP11 to copy my CD's and sync with the phone. But for some reason the library on the phone seems to fragment album that I put on so I end up with 14 tracks and 2 tracks in 2 albums with the same name... Very had to explain, but see the attached screen capture.. Has anyone ever seen this before? Or know a way to get around it? Thanks for your help!
  9. It only seems to affect WM5 devices tho. hates the C600, but I have no problems with the C500 or C550. Is your Logitech product a Bluetooth one? I have the MX5000 keyboard and mouse set. I know my keyboard has a build in 'Sync' feature for Nokia PC Suite. I'm just wondering if maybe that is interfering with Activesync.
  10. I have the same problem. Thought it may have been a bad setting on my computer. But I'm glad I'm not the only affected. I found one thing that made it better was to go into your computers Task Manager, and then into 'Processes' and killing the KHALMPR.exe process does cure it. But occasionally this does cause the mouse to stop responding. Maybe this issue should be reported to Logitech in case they can get a software update out to fix it.
  11. Got my C600 yesterday and I absolutely love it. Intsalled SP Tasl Manager and Smart Explorer from www.binarys.com and everything was working fine until today. It seems to activate a GPRS connection everytime I quit the running apps in SP Task Manager and when I press the red 'Hang up' button I get an error message from Pocket MSN saying " Temporary conditions currently prevent connecting to the Pocket MSN service." I can't find any option is disable Pocket MSN from activating the connection. Any ideas?
  12. I ordered mine on Saturday too and the guy said it would be Tues or Wed. You;d think Orange would be a bit more accurate with their delivery schedule. What company do they use to deliver?
  13. I managed to find a few more.. 1: MSN Messenger - Where its been reprogrammed to fit the new screen size the bottom line of the sent/recieved messages overlaps the line where you type. 2: MMS - No ability to save a number to contacts. Also, I don't know if its just me but I can't force it to send/recieve. It just comes up "Finihsed" without even connecting to GPRS.
  14. A little bug I noticed this evening... If you send a text with more than about 3-4 people in the "To:" field you will get a "Message cannot be sent" message but it still sends anyway. Very strange. Had people complaining that they recieved the same message of me twice because of it.
  15. One thing no one has mentioned yet is the new T9 settings menu when you're composing a text, (Hold down the * key). Give you some useful features such as turning off next word prediction and auto word completion. Also has a built in custom word editor so you can now delete the strange words you sometimes get when your using T9 without having to lose all your custom words! Nice feature!
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