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  1. Having just moved over to a pocketpc from a wmphone I would be interested in this as I have yet to purchase anything for my lovely Diamond and am p'd off having lost the use of some of the wm stuff I had - but would like to see the bundle and possibly have SOME choice. Maybe go for 7 have to haves and 3 from say 6 or so others?
  2. In light of my love for Hellboy, I've created these :D babe.wav baby.wav nasty.wav Ring_HellboyII.mp3
  3. I do have 3 months left, however, the new contract was going to be a 21 month one (3+18) - the irony is that I can pay the £48 to cancel get it from mobiles.co.uk with £80 cash back straight away, free phone, and then reduce the contract to what I am on in a few months but would rather stay loyal and go direct. Will try again later as someone earlier offered it for free but the system was down and so couldn't do it.
  4. Upgrades want £70 so I think I'll cancel and go with either Voda or T-Mobile Poor service from Orange in my view - spend £45+ a month and retentions had no intention to try and keep me as a customer
  5. Hmmmm just rang Orange, and they will give the phone free via upgrade, however, it would cost me £50 to end the current contract early in order for me to take advantage of this deal. Do I upgrade via Orange, wait for the Omnia or go for a new number (which isn't a major issue) and this great deal?
  6. In exactly the same boat :( I'm sure the iPhone rush will be over by then and Orange won't be so desperate to do deals
  7. Any idea which UK carrier, if any, will get the i900?
  8. Hmmm am I the only one who hates the grey colour? I think it makes it look mega cheap - go black or chrome IMHO
  9. Thanks awarner, went for a B-stock S620 from Expansys and apart from their stroppy CS team, it arrived safe and sound apart from a ripped box. Had a good old play, and am liking it quite a bit. Going to run WM5 for a while, but for work it's perfect. Sadly they won't let us sync with Exchange but using Facade means I have a great looking diary and the key board makes note taking etc a breeze.
  10. OK going to buy a new phone to use for work as the one they give is next to useless! I am looking at the following: UBiQUiO 501 HP IPaq 514 HTC 620 Treo 750v So opinions welcome please. No need for Wi-fi or HSPDA as company have no data tariff but looking for easy syncing with Activesync 4.5 and easy ROM flashing, if required. More importantly a good quality phone for phone calls that doesn't crash and is able to deal with a few things going on. Thanks!
  11. Sadly the Vox only plays with 4.5. I upgraded the C500 to WM6 so sadly the Magician is relegated to a drawer for now.
  12. Exaperated here..........is there an activesync version that will play nicely with both WM2003 and WM2006. I have a personal Vox and a newly found Magician that I would like to sync at home and work, however, it seems AS 4.5 doesn't like the Magician and the Vox only likes AS 4.5................is there a middle ground or do I dump the Magician and try and get the C500 upgraded to WM5 as the Magician won't? I can't mess about with activesync in work as our administrators are a bit defensive of letting us install software!
  13. Thanks Mono - I'll have a play with both. I understand the Magician isn't upgradable but never used a PPC before so might be fun!
  14. I got burgled at the weekend and they stole my old Qtek 8310 that I was using with a work SIM in as they give you crappy old Nokias :D So today I accidently won 2 auctions for a C500 and what I think is a M600 but can any one confirm this from the picture below. Not sure if the PDA comes with a charger and I'm assuming it's a mini USB? Anyhoo - which would be best for work not fussed about wi-fi and internet as our company doesn't enable this, more interested in call quality and robustness. Had a C500 yonks ago and use a Vox at the moment for personal use. Also how easy are these to unlock if not done so already? Any advice gratefully received and as both cost less than £50 together am quite happier either way (unless they are both knackered <_< )
  15. Lovely Paul - many thanks. Got my eye on a B-Grade Touch for £155 :D
  16. Prosper - cheated again and amended your Black theme to a LCARS one for my 8310 - hope that's ok!
  17. Prosper - cheated again and amended your Black theme to a LCARS one for my 8310 - hope that's ok!
  18. Yes you can - I believe it's all in the homescreen design - check out their website for examples I cut and pasted the bits for my homescreen but this is the facade bit to show the calendar only I think I'm guessing each variant has it's own plug-in code - ie: monitorbars +schedule, monitor bars+tasks+schedule etc.
  19. I like SBSH's Facade myself - although not free a worthwhile purchase
  20. Nope you can't - honestly it's a poor case. Mine has broken already. went for a ADVERTISING SPAM one from eBay at £14.50 and it is BRILLIANT!
  21. Bought the Proporta Vox case - and I have to say I'm disappointed :rolleyes: For nearly £30 I did expect the case to be user friendly......you cannot open the sliding keyboard whilst phone is in the case - looks nice but expected more.
  22. Prosper - Great work - have modified one of your themes for my own end and added the date. Thanks
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