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  1. Hi Yes seen the same behaviour, it's a stupid bug. What happens is when you visit the text message page in TouchFlow 3D it marks the messages as "seen". If you leave it on that page and a message arrives, it immediately marks at as seen and then the notification doesn't happen as it isn't an unread message anymore. I gave up on TouchFlow 3D and gone back to normal Windows Mobile interface, I find it much more usable. Regards Phil
  2. Hi The LED flash rates are hard coded, you can start and stop them flashing however I can't reprogram the flash speeds, if I could I would :) Regards Phil
  3. Hi Via ActiveSync please browse to My Device\Program Files\KaiserNotification and find the file called KaiserNotification.exe.config and copy to your desktop. If you can then PM me that file I will take a look. The file doesn't contain any personal information (you can open it in notepad if you like to check), it is just the setup configuration and I think something may be happening here. Regards Phil
  4. Hi A good point. I've changed the code for the next version so that if there is a call in progress the alert doesn't sound. Regards Phil
  5. Hi I'm currently working on the next version. I'm adding a new feature that will automatically remind us of anniversaries and birthdays for contacts. Currently Windows Mobile lets you add birthdays and anniversary dates to a contact which also gets replicated nicely to/from Windows Live contacts, however the only way to get a reminder of an upcoming birthday/anniversary is to manually add an appointment for each contact, which is rather tedious and error prone. So I will make the program do this will be automatically. I'm also thinking it would be nice to have the phone automatically send a text message saying Happy Birthday on the day! Other changes as requested by a few people is to have the option to disable the LED notifications so that the program works on other mobile devices without complaining, or leaves the LEDs at their normal defaults. Any other features you might like to see please let me know. Regards Phil
  6. Hi Unfortunately I have had no help from HTC on getting the Amber light working, so while it is selectable, it defaults to green. Regards Phil
  7. Hi There is a new version uploaded (version 2.02) that fixes an error with certain cooked ROMs. The error related to date and time parsing, if you don't get this error there is no need to update to this version. Regards Phil
  8. Hi The only way it could be confirmed the email is genuine is if it was digitally signed by a certificate that could be validated as being from the guy himself. If you had received the email directly or I had, we would know the headers and IP addresses were likely genuine and had not been tampered with, however this email has just been forwarded to various web sites from someone "who claims" it was received genuinely by them, it is that fact that can not be confirmed, they could have just made it up using Notepad or altered the text of a different email from HTC. Why would the HTC chief executive confirm they are fixing the problems with an email to a single individual rather than officially to everyone via the HTC website? Doesn't ring true does it? My guess is the email is a spoof by some kid who is just interested to see how far it goes, it would be great to be proved wrong, but the whole thing just smacks of a silly hoax. Regards Phil
  9. Hi Glad you like it. The code that accesses the LEDs is from the Hermes as the same commands are supported on the Kaiser. However the big difference between the two is the Kaiser LEDs are pre-programmed in hardware to flash when set to ON. The Hermes LEDs can only flash by sending them an ON/OFF/ON/OFF... message in software. To put it another way, the Kaiser is like flashing Xmas tree lights, you turn them on and they flash automatically, and the Hermes are just like non-flashing Xmas lights, you turn them on and they stay on static. Yes you can force the non-flashing lights to flash by flicking the switch on and off, but it's not very efficient! So the Kaiser can have flashing LEDs even though it's in complete standby as it doesn't require software running to flash them, this saves power, and the flashing LEDs don't drain the power as much as one permanently lit. Unfortunately the only code I have turns the LEDs on to their pre-programmed flashing cycle or completely off. There is no code I have found to override the pre-programmed flashing from software, so I'm not able to make the LED be static on the Kaiser. Once I issue a command to the LEDs they stop being under the control of the underlying mechanism so stop responding to the any other commands such as charging. I will look to see if I can make the flashing selection more customisable but in code it gets a bit complicated. On the next release I will make it possible to disable the LED notification side so audio/vibrate alerts can be used on their own, although I'm sure there are other apps that do audio/vibrate alerts and reminders. The application was mainly done with my own usage in mind and for me having blue tooth flash that bright blue LED was a waste of a bright blue LED, hence the blue LED isn’t selectable for BlueTooth currently. I’ve also test the application with Windows Mobile 6.1 and the latest radio ROMs, it works fine with the new .NET 3.5 framework, and on at least one of the new radio ROMs the bug that caused the phone to come out of standby when the radio is turned on by a schedule has been fixed by HTC/Qualcomm. If there is anyone browsing from HTC that knows about setting the LEDs please drop me a private message :) Regards Phil
  10. Hi The email is unofficial, the source is unconfirmed. If HTC were coming out with a fix they would state this officially on their website. With all the negative publicity they are hardly going to just email one individual with the good news surely? Until his statement appears officially on the HTC website it is nothing more than viral marketing, created to water down the negative publicity or someone's idea of a strange hoax. Remember, the source of the email has not been given, yes someone may have check the headers and it appears genuine but quite frankly that says nothing, an email is just a text document that can be changed at will and headers prove zero. The HTC Class action website shouldn't be giving this unconfirmed probably fake email publicity, until it is 100% official, and we will only know that for sure when it appears on HTC's website. Regards Phil
  11. Hi Green by default flashes if you have a missed calls or BlueTooth on (currently amber flashes green and I have had no joy getting any info from HTC). Can you try setting BlueTooth to None, and missed calls to none and see if the LED flashes Red for mobile signal. If it does the application is working and you either have BlueTooth on or missed calls or Windows Mobile is giving false information, i.e. saying it has missed calls when it doesn't. Regards Phil
  12. Hi I think I may have answered this one over at XDA. If you are getting the LED Port Cannot Be Opened that seems to indicate that perhaps some other software has the ports open or something isn't quite right with the installation. There are no permanent changes made to your LEDs. To revert back use 'Remove Programs' to un-install the program then do a soft reset, the easiest way is to press and hold the power button until you get the turn off prompt, turn off then back again and your LEDs will be restored. If they still don't work then please ensure you have no other software on the phone taking control of the LED indicators. Try re-installing if you want to give it another go, however it may not work correctly if you have other software trying to do things with the LEDs. There are also other tweaks you can make to disable the LEDs such as changing the registry and this may also stop the program from working. You will need to undo these changes first. Regards Phil
  13. Hi I don't want to continue an argument so correct me if I am wrong, however you did have a Kaiser way before they were released. You spoke of BETA roms, white demo packaging and having contacts with HTC, so you had a pre-production phone for some time. If as you say HTC don't like to give these out very often and so it's not guaranteed you would get new models for review then adds to the suspicion some may feel that a reviewer would not like to say anything bad for fear of missing out next time. There were pictures, reviews and YouTube videos of the Kaiser a long time before the release. People got those phones from somewhere and that ultimately is HTC. It's called viral marketing and raised the hype and expectations to a very high level for the Kaiser, and HTC could have asked for nothing better in terms of how much free publicity the phone got. Companies kill for this type of excitement and buzz around a new gadget and spend a lot more money trying to achieve it. HTC's problem is they let the viral marketing work too well and didn't bother clarifying any mis-information out there as that would have poured cold water on the hype being generated, affecting the sales. HTC were really instrumental in allowing everyone to believe the performance of the phone would be better than the reality. Press releases spoke of the Kaiser and then the Qualcomm chipset with no clarification that "not all features are supported". In your review you stated, "Firstly it's worth noting that even though this is a preproduction ROM which will still receive a number of revisions before launch, it is extremely fast and stable. I switch to the Kaiser from a T-Mobile Wing (200MHz OMAP) and of course it is way, way faster. Even compared to the Trinity, which has a 400MHz processor, it feels snappy. So you can understand perhaps why people are a little dismayed that after having read the review here the reality was somewhat different. Perhaps pre-production firmware used the correct drivers so what you reviewed isn't what we ended up with? I certainly could never describe the phone as snappy :) Regards Phil
  14. Hi Not sure if this has already been spotted and linked to, but it is official. HTC will not be providing accelerated video support in current devices, you will have to spend extra cash on a new device to get what you thought you were getting with their latest models :) http://www.htc.com/press_room/03-press-4-2008-0122.htm It seems HTC have taken legal advice and state they have no class action lawsuit liability. The statement seems to have been written not to give it's customers an apology or information, but to stop their investors off loading shares! In the UK we had the famous "Ratners" jewelers that through one mis-placed statement ruined the company, and this was before the internet! HTC have probably just done the same thing: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gerald_Ratner Essentially HTC are admitting that their current expensive devices are very expensive "crap" to quote the famous Mr Ratner. How they can get away with promoting the Qualcomm chips in their specifications knowing people would Google it and see Qualcomm wax lyrical about all the chips cool features only for HTC to not include them. Regards Phil
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