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  1. 3 screen lockups today - two in my pocket and one at home (so can't be pressure from pocket etc). I've admitted defeat - glad my HTC desire arrives next week, sold my SF on Ebay so won't be a problem much longer!
  2. That doesn't apply when goods are faulty. Speaking of faulty it would appear your keyboard is playing up - some of your vowels are missing! :unsure:
  3. I've been running for a while with minimum speed of 320 as recommended earlier in this thread (using setCPU). I've had my first lockup today in several days. Most annoying thing is they mostly happen away from the house - when you want to use your phone the most. (Once again I had a GMail notification waiting as the screen stopped responding). Seeing as people are getting this problem on the stock firmware it would suggest a hardware problem or problems with ZTE's implementation of Android.
  4. The poster did explain they had to be 3G video calls (as opposed to internet telephony) to access his Pupillos (which are like webcams that connect using 3g video calls). I know my provider gives me 25mins of video calls every month but I never use them (50p a min when they run out) - the quality of video calls that I've tried (especially cross network) has always been hit and miss (mostly using Nokia phones).
  5. That's why I'd suggest having a card for it. If you do lots of shopping online you'll use it again (things like Google storage, my US web hosting, domain registration, foreign software purchases have all been paid for on my fee-free plastic). I would expect Google to offer currency conversion at some point in the future - it's a good money spinner for them since they can shaft you on the exchange rate (as PayPal do)
  6. You could use a card that doesn't charge for foreign currency transactions in Google checkout. I use a Halifax Clarity card (bonus is if I spend £300 in a single month they give me £5 back). Paypal suffers from the same problem if you get billed in dollars (although you can ask Paypal to do the conversion for you - which they do for a profitable exchange rate)
  7. My alpha 3 rom with all my apps running in the background came in with a benchmark of 907
  8. I've noticed the opposite - when plugged into the aux port in my car I have to crank up the cars volume to hear my podcasts properly (even more than with my Nokia 5800)
  9. In the last 10 days I've had mine I've used over 700Mb - although my usage dropped when I got the Blade Wifi fix from the marketplace!
  10. I use the Blade Wifi fix from the market place (otherwise I get stuck on 3G - burnt through 700Mb in 10 days) and I noticed that this doesn't seem to work with the other lock screens from the market place. Do you know if it works with widget locker?
  11. What would make the freezes far less painful would be a way to power off/reboot the phone without having to remove the battery (since only the touchscreen has stopped responding). I've scoured the market but can't find any app that seems to be of use - anyone else seen one?
  12. I've installed this app and set my min speed and I'll see how it goes. Three locks in an hour this morning and then nothing since - it's hard to see a pattern to the freezes!
  13. On my third lock up this morning - no notifications were showing on the bar this time (although I had got a load of emails in my gmail account so the notifications may have been on the way!)
  14. I can confirm that no amount of poking, prodding or squeezing would restore my touchscreen to life. I don't know if it is a coincidence that I always have notifications showing on my bar when the touchscreen locks up.
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