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  1. My default phone app changes orientation just fine.
  2. Running 1.5.1 and have no problems with the alarm going off when plugged into the dock.
  3. There's no co.uk in there. There is, however, ro.product.locale.region=GB. Switch that to US. I have no problems.
  4. http://android.modaco.com/content/dell-str...od-6-1-alpha-1/ There you are.
  5. I saw one of those at Best Buy last week. That tablet is the laggiest piece of crap ever.
  6. No problem! WL can also do the capacitive buttons unlock or hardware buttons. Plus you can adjust the volume from the lockscreen, add widgets, use different backgrounds. All in all, it's a pretty great piece of software.
  7. It does seem to be worse with this release for some reason. I just loaded Widget Locker for this release (I've used it for every release so far). It seems to do a better job PLUS you can do portrait lockscreen.
  8. Not just the SDK this time. haha Came out today.
  9. If you were on 1.4.2+, just flash the zip again and you're good.
  10. Doing it as we speak. EDIT: Here ya go. I attached it. log.txt Looks like the first 3/4 of that is a text I recieved.
  11. For as much into Android as I am, I never learned how to grab log files. :)
  12. Downloading now. EDIT: Just flashed and still no data/3G. :)
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