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  1. Hi all. hope someone can help. I'm looking at getting the TMobile Touch plus, currently have the compact III. If thats a bad idea please say so :D) Anyway..I read on the TM site that you can use it as a modem with your laptop. I guess I could with my old phones but as they weren't 3g I never bothered. With the 7.50 a month unlimited web and walk, i thought you were not allowed to hook up a laptop to your mobile, yet they are promoting this on their spiel about the phone on their own website. 1) Does anyone know if I will be able to do this, and if so, is it an easy proceedure? 2) Can you use this abroad (Spain) or will I get charged squillions. Thanks a mill in advance GR
  2. Hi all. Just picked up my T mobile Compact III to find the LCD cracked and no images on any of the pixels :rolleyes: Been scanning the net looking for fixes. It seems the outer screen (touchscreen) is intact and not cracked, but the LCD is cracked. I have seen lcd's on ebay for the Artemis although the dimentions seemed wrong. 1)Could anyone tell me what screens are compatible with the TMC3. Is it the same as the artemis? And any recommendations on where to get one will be much appreciated. 2) Secondly could anyone point me in the directions of photos or instructions of how to fit a new lcd. i have looked at the phone and seen a star type screw and cant work out how to take it to bits. 3) Is it worth the ££ of repair DIY, should I send it to HTC to get fixed, or buya new one? Thanks v much in advance to anyone who may be able to help GR PS sorry if this is not in the right forum.
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