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  1. im currently pondering on w/c phone to buy to replace my old 6680.. im trying to choose from n73 n70 n95 on nokia phones. and k810i, w880 on SE and D900i u600 u700 on samasung.. which do you is best to choose. these are the major things i look for a phone >good camera not lower than 2mega >camera flash >good video (i hate sluggish) >not sluggish in terms of applications or simply ease of use >nice screen resolution >small thin as possibly can (they say n95 is bulky) >i can custom install themes and apps >good replacement for an ipod or mp3 player >good ergonomics (i have tiny hands) >can be put in may pocket without having slides go haywire and open just that easily in my pocket >good loudspeaker >long talk time (i talk alot over the phone) >has a good handsfree (unlike my 6680 popport always comes off after some time of use and start to get loose) >if uses slide-up w/c choice is less to wooble. >can support large memory 2G i hope. to store music >nice multimedia functions >a radio wud be nice. >i dont care much bout wifi 3g or internet browsing at all. i think to sum it up., a phone that i can use to make alot of calls take good pictures even at night or dark places, i can takeup my music on the go, good speakers and mic. can play my favorite music videos large screen that can be landscaped bout 2.1 - 2.6".. and easy on the pocket (w/o unwanted apps to suddenly open) im having thoughts of buying n73 though i like all the features of n95 just like a PC but alot of reviews said its faulty sluggish and cheap material. so is it wise to got n73 or n95 if not then which from SE or Samsung is the best choice? all opinions and self experieces are welcome and thank you. hope some can light up my dilemma
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