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  1. When updating the sofware it says that the phone has to be connected to the pc and a power source, but where the cradle plugs in is also wher the charger plugs in, what are they talkin about, is there somethin I dont know???
  2. it also now says that orange back up is not a certified application and so are half the others!!!!!
  3. Doesnt matter any more, ive done it, but now im trying to replace the old files with the new ones and whenever i go on the internet to try and check the favourites it cant dial up and tells me to check the connection settings and no favourites come up, I know it says to go back to the home screen and try again, but ive tried about 5 times, am i doing something wrong?
  4. Thanks for that, I'm now stuck again, on step 9 it says press and hold the action buttom for 2 seconds as instructed, but when i do this it just goes straight to the canary screen, am i doin g anything wrong, I think I have followed all of the other steps correctly.
  5. On step 4 to unlocking your spv it says copy mxipcold_oem10.provxml and mxip_oem10.provxml to your pc, but i cant find these files where it says to look, can any body help???
  6. thanks, i tried that and its worked, sorry for the late reply.
  7. Yeah, this is the third time I've tried installing it aswell!
  8. Yeah, thats what I'm downloadin it from, and it's sssttttiiiiiilllllll downloading it!
  9. Hi, I deleted active sync today for reasons that take too long to explain (+ dont want to embarass myself :oops: ), but now i am trying to reinstall it. When I click on install now the "file download" thingy comes up, but its been downloading for more than 40 mins now and im sure it didn't take that long before, is there a reason for this :?:
  10. Is the only way to access the sd card without hooking the phone up to your pc, getting the allexplorer program thing?
  11. I know you can add MP3's to the smartphone, but could someone tell me which folder to download it into please. ;)
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