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  1. jinbok

    FinalBurn for WinCE 0.014

    yeup. i put in the neogeo bios folder into te roms folder and tgetfile in there as well. i just dont understand why the rom loads and the screen turns blank.
  2. jinbok

    FinalBurn for WinCE 0.014

    & where do you get macros.dat
  3. jinbok

    FinalBurn for WinCE 0.014

    omg. i keep getting this white screen every time i start a game. whats happening? D:
  4. jinbok

    FinalBurn for WinCE 0.014

    please, someone help me? i put in the roms in the roms folder but it doesnt work, and burner.exe just lags when i try to open it
  5. lol... dash and my blackjack is unsupported
  6. same with me all that works is Smartgear by bitdefuser...
  7. go masterall!! i hope you can update a better version for blackjack, Moto Q and t-mobile Dash=] i know you can do it! we're all waiting for you =D
  8. aw. how do you use gsgetsfile.dll?
  9. jinbok

    GBA Emulator for the blackjack?

    aw. i gut a gnuboy for gbc but the screen crashes.. you can still see half the screen though.. can someone find the fight rom for blackjack?

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