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  1. the xphone II is one cool phone nice processor speed, nice price cool feature etc. except for the cam. .300 mpx just wont cut it in with current digital advancements. i opened my xphone and saw that the cam is a separate clip on hardware to the xphone board. now, is HTC keen on making an upgrade to its cam?? did it even crossed thier mind?
  2. or you can get it also for free from smart wireless center nearest you.
  3. cant remember kung nakapag reply na ako dito so better safe than sorry Nickname IRL (In Real Life) : joe Industry and/or Field of Specialization: sales Age: 31 Gender: Male Sports and Hobbies: cycling, swimming, hiking, aquariums. Location: Makati Why SAP/SPV/Tanager? (one sentence only): because i can
  4. there's already a virtual keyboard aconnected thru BL that's available in the market but this is built-in to the phone. cool. sad to say upgrade na naman ang kailangan.
  5. you have to install first smart explorer EN ver 2.0.2 to have an option to send files thru BL or IR you can get it here www.binarys.com
  6. i got my Xhone II last week directly from "haldane" (local O2 distributor here) and from day 1 i have problem sending files thru blue tooth. i can recieve, bond, be detected by another phone (voyager) but i cant send files it says "connection failed" what gives? factory deffect or settings??
  7. kap hindi ka naman napunta sa eb. pang apat na eb na napuntahan ko. dalawang beses sa malate. call mo ako kasi uuwi na ako bukas. 09183213482
  8. hmmm here we go again. round 2!
  9. remember "bourne supremacy"? he made a copy of the sim and therefor able to listen to thier conversations. i think that's for real.
  10. for sale 1 unit voyager = 12,000.00 with 256mb sandisk + car charger/desktop charger 1 unit Tanager = 6,000.00 with cam + car charger/desktop charger too many phones too little sims. hehehe (xphone naman tayo) 0918 321 3482
  11. @dino sa fagev alam kong meron. paki check na lang.
  12. in fairness maganada na rin ang gym bag since libre. hehehe
  13. hindi kasi compatible out of the box ang nokia at yung system ng sap e.
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