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  1. About for a month, i'm trying to figure out what is wrong with my VPA 3 (BA) GSM, it's always disconnecting and bugging, communicator is ok but the phone is terrible i can't call normaly cause time to time i's disconectting the same thing with incoming calls. I tryed reflashing to 1.12, 13, 13.1, 15 Radio modules it's mostly the same, also changed roms 1.40, Helmi 5.04, Xplode's Aku 5.35, Aku 5.35 WM6 fake ROM, no big differences in phone fuction, it's always bugy! No physical damages to PDA happened, also found that then battery gets down to 55% it's starting to bug, then it's charging looks like no problems with connection. I'm charging with USB sync cable to PC (have no cradle) maybe this is a problem? Or it's battery's issue and battery callibration software can't detect normaly the capacy of charge, so then it shows that it's 50 perc. in reality it's about for 10 perc and my GSM connection is getting down? Also WIFI connection is mosty imposible, i think this is radio problems... Plz suggest any solutions for such bugs? maybe registry tweak or any software for radio stability? or it's hardware prob? Thank You guys.

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