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  1. Paul any ideas on getting this top of mind again? I think it's a shame that we are not on 10K yet.
  2. Everything is grinding to a halt it seems......
  3. Over 25% in aalready! At this rate we could be done by sunday morning.
  4. Made a donation for 5 followers! :P 5 quid that is. @Paul, maybe it would be good to keep this as a banner for the entire modaco site. Just keep it top of mind for the people.
  5. I like the fact that you can see updates and you can update your status. However for your groups or getting new contacts you have to use the laptop or PC. During the daytime it is really cool to stay on top of things. There will be some more functions coming in the future so it can only get better.
  6. When he can upload a Rom he sure has internet access. Sad for Modaco that there is so little acitivity these days.....
  7. I only experienced one freeze up to now and that was with Opera Mobile 10 Beta. Other then that no issues whatsoever. Mine is running stock T-mo rom. Still have not found a reason to update to a custom rom.
  8. Paul the download link for Nodata is incorrect. www.modaco.com is missing from the hyperlink.
  9. First of all the hardware can cope with WM 6.1. However there is a warranty issue. HTC and T-Mobile only offer WM6 as an upgrade voor de Hermes devices. If you flash another Rom the warranty is automatically void. There are a number of sites out there with cooked Roms. Please be aware of the risks of flashing a cooked Rom.
  10. Current Device: HTC TyTN with the original Rom since it is going back for repairs under warranty. And a Nokia E51 from work. Next Device: Either the SE xperia of Touch HD Kinda hoping the Touch HD Pro will come because I really like my keyboard.
  11. http://smape.com/en/reviews//Sony_Ericsson...IA_X1-prev.html Review of the SEX1. Pretty interesting I would say.
  12. It is a hardware problem. Try to get it fixed under warranty.
  13. I have a meet n greet with some people from HTC tomorrow. I have some questions myself about the shift and possibly a new shift.
  14. It is not available yet and the price is not known at the moment.
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