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  1. Simon Hackett

    Simcard and mobile broadband

    I've just bought Dell mini9 inspiron with builtin simcard reader for mobile broadband I was wondering, I have a 1gb data bundle pack on my Orange mobile contract... Could I just put this in the laptop and use the 1gb through the laptop instead of my phone itself? Would this work ok and I wouldn't get charged anymore? I tried calling Orange and all they said was this would be "unadvisable"
  2. Simon Hackett

    Nokia N95 GPS hack

    having just shelled out a lot of money on an N95, I have to pay for the navigation feature - however I'm told there's a hack to unlock this.... anyone know where it is?
  3. Simon Hackett

    Integrated GPS - what should I go for?

    Also, I want to use the GPs in Belgium, Amsterdam and Italy. Can I do this? Anyone have any experience with the N95? What's the battery life like?
  4. Simon Hackett

    Integrated GPS - what should I go for?

    I'm on Orange. I'm looking at buying off Ebay. The M700 is a stylus driven device if I remember?
  5. Hi everyone, I'm new here! I'm from the UK I've just sold my SPV M3100 and am wanting to get a phone with integrated GPS. I was thinking the Nokia n95 but any other suggestions? I need one with a keypad/keyboard as I don't want to be fiddling round with a stylus when I'm drunk in a nightclub!!!! Any help would be greatly appreciated. si

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