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  1. I figured I would put my 2 cents in about this as the keyboard is the biggest problem for me on the Omnia. I have tried all available keyboards and agree that TouchPal is by far the best. This Finger Keyboard looks promising but without XT9 or some predictive/error correction it does not compete usability wise. I may be fat fingered but I am constantly hitting backspace with this keyboard. With Touchpal I normally hit the first 2 letters and the word I want pops up and I hit the space key. Finger keyboard may be the best free one that I have tried though. Excellent work Exidler, I will keep monitoring the progress and try out new versions.
  2. Thanks for the reply, at least I know it's not just me. I just like the ROM organization a little better over there but I think I have everything I absolutely need. I will continue to try logging in though.
  3. I have been trying to register over at Omniarom.com for a couple weeks now and it always just says "An Error Has Occurred". I don't see any support email address or anything so figured I would ask here if anyone knows who to contact or how to sign up.
  4. Thanks. I had found that shutting it down instead of rebooting works as well but I didn't know about the speaker option. The SMS messages and long start up are pretty annoying so I will probably just leave it in speaker mode. Hopefully Verizon will release an updated version for WM6.5 soon.
  5. I am using VVM and it definitely causes sound problems. As soon as I listen to a voice mail through VVM the speaker volume is reduced to almost inaudible at the max volume. A soft reset fixes it but clearly this is a problem. This did not happen with any other 6.5 ROMs I have tried but this is the first "neo" that I have used.
  6. I just got it today. Is there a newer one on another thread?
  7. I installed the Mastergreeny vs cab from post 3 and it messed up my clock. Has anyone else seen this. I think it is just too big and at 4 digit times of the day it goes off the screen? I did not back up and don't know how to go back. Otherwise I am loving this ROM great work.
  8. ely_az

    Winmo 23412

    Hi blazingwolf I am using an older version of your night ROM with build 23009. I don't like to flash like crazy like you guys and am wondering if you think it's worth upgrading to 23049 or just wait for a later ROM to become stable? Is there any place online that has a change log of these builds so I could see what is changed/updated and decide. PS Thanks for the great work on your ROMs. Samsung and Verizon should be paying you guys.
  9. ely_az

    Screen Calibration Issue

    Your digitizer is probably fine but the software is not letting you calibrate it. I had this same problem and fixed it by doing this: In the registry go to \HKLM\HARDWARE\DEVICEMAP\TOUCH\ and change the MaxCalError to 100 or larger. Once that is done wait 30 sec and soft reset. Now run the screen calibration again and it should go through this time and fix your problem. Make sure you use a stylus to calibrate and be precise in hitting the X.
  10. I am also looking for a solution to this. This is a recurring problem with WM6. I am on a 6.5 ROM and would like to remap all of the defaults to the Titanium interface as well. I think that is possible but I can't find a way to change what happens when I click "Reply" when an SMS message bubble comes up. Please Help.
  11. Can you tell me what themes you guys are using? The default black and dream are OK but some of the ones for the HTC VGA devices look awesome. I can't get any of these other themes to work on the omnia though. http://www.pocketcm.com/theme.php?application=1
  12. Does anyone have a suggestion for free iContact replacements for this ROM? The standard WM one sucks and I don't want to have to pay. It's too bad iContact won't work as it was really good.
  13. The "Click" key worked fine for me but the "DownUp" screwed things up in my case. After some research I found that the DownUp key is a time in ms between something touching and being removed. A higher number as this fix tells you to do will actually make the screen LESS sensitive and make you hold the "button" longer. In my case lowering that number to 150 helped perceived sensitivity as I can click things much faster now. I guess it depends on your usage.
  14. I have tried hundreds of different calibration values and have never gotten it quite right. What finally fixed this problem for me is to change the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/HARDWARE/DEVICEMAP/TOUCH/MaxCalError key from 7 to 200 and then run the screen alignment again. (Settings->System->Screen) Now everything is perfect and I can actual click directly on things instead of estimating the error. There are topics all over the internet about this problem and no one has suggested this but it is the only thing that worked for me.
  15. So you are not using the built in camera.exe geotagging? I was under the inpression this is working without a 3rd party app like locr or geotoday. I have had those working in the past with a bluetooth GPS before the custom ROM days. I am looking for an integrated automatic solution like the i900 version of this phone.

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