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  1. Hello All I have been looking around, and been getting myself confused. I have a I900 (Orange 16GB) Version, running Rom I900XXHH1/BVHH1 I am trying to find out if there is a later rom out for this phone, and if so is it an Samsung Rom, or one someone else has developed. Thanks for any help anyone can give. Regaards IKWeb
  2. So what do you guys think, HTC Touch Pro, Or IPhone..... (Down side is I wait till Orange stock the IPhone, or move to O2) Altho I guess orange wont have the Iphone for another year or so... ? ?
  3. Hey all This is not really a question relating to a type of mobile phone, more down to a service that Orange UK provide. I have just moved out, and moved into a Static home, and thus not able to get a landline fitted so been with orange i have chosen to pay the £15 pm for the usb internet option. Now as some of you may know this comes with a 3GB usage per month, and stupid data charges if you go over this 3GB limit... Anyway my question is does anyone know if Orange are going to up this 3GB limit, as really 3GB is not that much, I am aware that other companies like t-mobile offer 5 and three offer 7 I think, but I am happy to be with orange as I have my phone with them too. Anyway any feeback anyone has would be very useful. TIA IKWeb
  4. I know this is an old post, but does anyone know if this will be out this year, and if so which network ? I am on Orange, I had a chat with them today and all they could say is its notg on there system yet, but they have the diamond, but I dont want that one :-( lol Any info you can give would be very welcome :-) TIA IKWeb
  5. Hello Guys I have been looking for information on this all day and cant find anything, I have noticed orange have updated the HTC phones over the last few days, also published on here, but does anyone know when they would be looking to carry the HTC Touch Pro?? I can find information on spec but no dates etc listed, I am coming up for a new phone and am wondering if its worth waiting due to the diamond not having any SD slots and no k'board. Advice welcome, Thanks IKWeb
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