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  1. Hey Paul, does this include the updated gapps? (Like youtube, from the screenshot it looks like its not)
  2. Ahhh :huh: , I hope you don't release a new version soon, I wanna try this :rolleyes: lol.
  3. You can now downgrade from the ota back to stock. That way when they get the emmc locked off of the old version you can downgrade and get it unlocked then flash recoveries and such, then flash custom ROMs. Details will be in this wiki: http://forum.xda-developers.com/wiki/index...itle=HTC_Vision
  4. Amazing Paul! I cant wait to use this! The G2 source is out :), maybe something is lurking in there to be exploited for root access?
  5. Did you fix the bluetooth bug? Have you updated to the latest desire shipped leak?
  6. Anything that you want to push has to be in the /android-sdk-windows/tools and that has to be on the root of your HDD. That is standard for adb to output when you have a command wrong.
  7. Paul have you found a fix for the BT issue? That is really important to be able to use the play and play/pause button.
  8. It will be better, but they should offer less services through the .Live, and more though like facebook and stuff. When your on the .live services its like your on a whole different planet.
  9. It looks much more fierce than the G2 or Desire Z. IT LOOKS WAY BETTER! Just um, remove the GD BING!!! GAHAHHHHHH!!!
  10. Paul, I signed up for Ad Free, just to try the online kitchen :lol:. And to support you of course B).
  11. Can someone help me? I have dumped the files but I don't know what to do next? U sed bepes tools to dump the imgfs.bin, and the xip.bin. I couldn't dump the xxxOS.nb. I need help, since Samsung and HTC differ and somethings on the tutorial don't work well since the rom was formatted differently.
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