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  1. Hey guys, just wanted to let you know about my game, Sketch Defense. It's my first game ever (I recently started programming on the side) and I'm really proud of it. Please download the trial, and give me some feedback! If you like it, buy it! It's a buck!
  2. hey guys, I'm selling my streak. I'm done with school and back in the US. Unfortunately I'm on sprint so its a completely different network. It's in great condition and currently has android 2.2 loaded (the newest version). Everything works great and it comes with original box and accessories and everything. Ebay listing is here: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...em=330486565473
  3. Good for you, lucky. (maybe) I too will call O2. (we'll see) on vacation. I used to speak this language (tagalog), but its definitely been a while!
  4. Sorry to bring this back up, but has anyone tried a UK streak (w/ rebel sim) on At&T bands with all of them enabled in the debugger tools?
  5. Hey guys, I moved to the states and now have my streak just sitting here looking sadly at me as I use an old phone (I'm on Sprint...). It comes with all the original things and works great, no scratches besides little tiny "wear and tear" scratches on the side panels that everyone gets. Thought I would offer it up here for $500 (just over 320 pounds) before I stuck it on ebay for a higher price.
  6. It's how they differentiate their products from others. Business 101. Although I'm sure the streak will see sense on it one of these days... just not from Dell... or HTC.
  7. No fards, if something doesn't work for you, ITS FAKE! For example, music I don't like, IS FAKE!
  8. Just because it wont install on your device (or any of ours) doesn't make it fake.
  9. If I posted something to the effect of "ITS 2.2!!!" everyone would try to install it.
  10. Keep in mind the leaked roms have debugger tools and other stuff that the official may not have.
  11. 1) Yeah, but even if you cant, you can just download some roms from here and install them no problem. 2) 1.6 will be gone whether you upgrade officially or not. But you can always flash 1.6 again. 3) Yeah, but unless the network is the same frequencies, it may not work properly. 4) Yeah, but Dell hasn't released the kernel source code which makes cooking custom roms all but impossible right now. Once the kernel is released we'll see more of this. Right now there are no sense or galaxy S roms.
  12. If you've read the previous posts, this is what he is trying to do. He cannot find a way to flash the lights when the screen is off though, so he has the screen turn on.
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