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  1. hi tillaz, is it just me or is wifi tethering still not working. i cant get any of my pc's/laptops to connect but they happily connect to any other wifi network. cheers
  2. hi mate , installed no problem but wifi hotspot for tethering will not let me connect tot the phone for some reason. also in call the screen dissapears and i cant end calls without pulling the battery. any ideas!!
  3. hey guys , im i being a noob or is there no download link for version 3b or even 3c?? cheers Gordy!
  4. ninjagordy

    OMC @ Orange UK Free Gift Box

    ebay the sanfrans mate, i got the cash back that covered the cost of my omc..... KERCHING!!!
  5. when my 3 buisness contracts up i was going to go with giffgaff payg...but tbh...im going to go with 3 as there unlimite data is tetherable as well...they dont care so handy for my lappy when im out in the van working..;-)
  6. sett file manager to allow root in settings...then it will work...also...change both mac codes to the same as your own mac code then it works flawlessly
  7. ninjagordy

    How to unlock your OMC/SKATE

    Donation/beer sent from me mate...great job...cheers to everyone else who helped us noobs out!!!
  8. noobtastic...lol....will start again...cheers troops!!
  9. after i flashed thye srock rom i cant find the debugging option now...can you tell me where it will be ??
  10. right...im getting no where, i started using tillals method a reflashed the stock rom from cwm7.... so...now when i try this method i get waiting for device.... if i try tillas method it asks for the file i posted earlier...all help appreciated before i brick this...lol
  11. ftm flash says " Failed to find RecordCSV.sdi please select folder" whats going on here???
  12. ninjagordy

    How to unlock your OMC/SKATE

    no worries dude...will do.... cheers!!
  13. ninjagordy

    How to unlock your OMC/SKATE

    im i rename the .img file in the blumonte rar to system.img will it work if i use it in the files folder or does it need to be the one in the download, just thinking i could save some time doing this.... chearz Gordy ;-)
  14. ninjagordy

    How to unlock your OMC/SKATE

    cancel that...found it
  15. ninjagordy

    How to unlock your OMC/SKATE

    dude, the ftm rar is passworded, did i miss it somewhere...lol

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