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  1. I didn't wipe before I put on the vanilla but have since wiped and flashed the sense Rom and have no issues at all.
  2. Let's me select picture from gallery or camera which it converts to mms, then I hit send and the message disapears but nothing happens . If I go out i can see a draft, back in it come up showing again ready to compose. If I send a txt straight after I hit send on the mms, the txt sends but the mms doesn't come back as a draft and dissapears without sending. Can put some screens up later if it helps?.
  3. installed the pre bake vanilla. i have contacts FC when trying to join contacts. stock browser FC on open as well but not too bothered as i use chrome.
  4. bought mine from Three store for 449.99 to use with my sim only plan.
  5. thanks Paul, that solves part of the mystery. the charger i had in the bedroom was a 700ma output. swapped it for my old desire charger and it charged fine. think the slow charging on the official charger was due to a software issue, app or service as after re-starting it charged fine for a while. but did get stuck again and required another restart to get to 100%.
  6. got my one x on launch day, and noticed when i plugged it in for its initial charge that it got pretty hot and the red led went off after a few hours(fully charged i thought) but it wouldnt turn on. plugged it back in again, red led on and it seemed to charge. first couple of nights it has never really charged fully over night, got to 89% one night and 70 something another. last night i plugged it in about 11pm and it was at 12%. red led was on, showed as charging on screen. woke up this morning, its still at 12%. this was on a blackberry charger which i used for my HTC desire. i plugged in my portable charger pack and got it to 17% on the train to work I now have it on charge, with the official charger and its went up 3% in an hour and a half. (airplane mode is on as im in work) is this normal? at this rate its going to take 2 days to charge!
  7. Had a wee play with this is carphone last night and wasn't hugely impressed with the hinge. Top screen seemed quite loose. Everything else was nice and I liked the feel of the keyboard. Pretty responsive as well as standard. Jury is out on the purchase decision....
  8. I'm pondering picking one of these up sim free but concerned about going from my desire 1ghtz to the z 800 processor. Ive been doing a lot more emailing recently for work and think the hardware keyboard would he useful . Plus I've had my desire for nearly 2 years so want something new... Any thoughts on performance differences between desire and desire z? Tia. Posted on the move
  9. ok, so i did this. when i remove the facebook account, there is no longer a listing in accounts & sync. when i add it to get the entry and unlesect sync contacts, there are no FB contacts to link .. not being able to select the default number is a right pitta...
  10. my battery is comparable to other devices i have had. which means I am lucky to get a full day from it. thats with wifi, BT and GPS off most of the time, backlight at minimal. iphone was worst of my recent devices. had to keep it on charge most of the day to stop it dyeing mid call. thats why they invented desktop chargers i suppose. :huh:
  11. it is the generic HTC version. havent checked if its unlocked but its not branded. and im pretty sure the HTC generic version has no sim lock. the 3 branded version will be launched from 3rd may according to the 3 Blog: http://blog.three.co.uk/2010/04/01/htc-des...nch-date-price/
  12. 3 are currently selling the sim free unbranded version for £349.99 P&G. got mine yesterday. ;)
  13. following swypeinc on twitter now. look forward to an official release.
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