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  1. Quick question Running sp2, where are the send messages, becasuse sometimes we all have to go back and see what the hell we were talking about, so i need to know where are saved. If i require software, where do i download it from etc Cheers
  2. lol wat i meant was that i use my SD to trasnfer stuff to sp2, and open the files from my sp2. coz i heard that trasfering data from bluetooth was slow. like 3kbs (thats what my mate told me)
  3. Hey there, I have a smartphone 2 (imate). and just wondering how to put custom words. such as a place names eg Auckland, but it wont come up as this. When i used my nokia 3200. and use t9, it would ask me to spell my word and would remember it. But with sp2 i cant do it, so any ideas as how i could do this. I use t9 for all my writing. Cheers
  4. cheers guys, i got a few of them going. such as installing themes and software, but i still need to buy bluetooth for few other programs.
  5. Hey there, Not too sure if this is the right section to post this message or what. Just wanting to know, i got a imate smartphone 2. and was wondering how i can change the themes and other stuff etc. I do not have bluetooth, but i have a SD card, which i use to transfer files etc. I just downloaded a few themes such as vista, iphone themes. But having no luck to gettting them work. Can someone show me how to do this. Cheers
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