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  1. elementalist

    Help me decide between Diamond and Sony!

    Sony are one of the evilest of evil corporations. Don't buy Sony. Hope that helps :D
  2. It seems the music library functionality sux. The flip interface just lists all tracks alphabetically, which is useless for most people. The more normal library still doesn't play tracks in their proper order. That in itself smacks of real laziness, but the fact that there is no configuration is inexcusable incompetance. IMHO :D
  3. elementalist

    Various Activesync issues

    Ah! Thanks that did it. Wow that should be better known.
  4. elementalist

    Processor usage at 60%+

    Oooooh - i made an assumption, huh? When you click the top-right icon you get a list of tasks and a few icons one of which is a microchip with a percentage next to it. I guess I assumed this to be processor utilisation. So this is memory used?
  5. elementalist

    Various Activesync issues

    I'm on XP SP2.
  6. I know Activesyncing can be a little...odd (I had a C600 for some years) but it seems worse with the Diamond. I get lots of "ActiveSync cannot connect.." errors and sometimes it connects but then won't sync and sometimes it just takes an age to sync ignoring the Sync commands I give it. Any pointers?
  7. All the time. Is this normal? No tasks running and it's still always up there.
  8. I have an error not necessarily connected to this ROM in specific, but I do have this one installed. If I go to the Music tab, it sits on "Searching..." for ever. If on that screen I use Menu > Properties; last night it would re-load TouchFLO, today it switches to what looks like the Call History screen, but with no history list (just the white background), sits there for a bit then goes back to the Home screen.
  9. elementalist

    Diamond Games?

    No doubt, coz it's WM6, the diamond can run all sorts of games, but, as I've said before, I'm tech-savvy, but new to all this lark. Can anyone tell me what to look for when getting games for the Diamond or even give me some suggestions/links? Thanks v much!
  10. elementalist

    Recommended ROMs for UK Orange Diamonds?

    Yeah, I did read that one before, but it was just one of dozens :D Sounds to me like it's worth trying the Official 93 ROM found at Duffy's site, then? Like I say, though, I did see a post or two claiming issues with it. Has anyone actually tried it? Can you confirm which HardSPL jobby is needed for it and a UK Orange phone? (I used the Olinex1.4 for the TF3 ROM - will that work with the official .93 ROM?) Has anyone tried any of the 'lite' ROMs? Can anyone confirm speed improvements? Lots of questions, eh? :D
  11. Ok, so I'm a bit a of techy geek, but this isn't my field of expertease (sp?). I managed to do the TF3 ROM update recommended by Paul, but it's been a little, um, twitchy so I'm wondering if another ROM may not be a bad idea. Looking into it further I have now confused myself! I have no idea which ROM would be best for me - there are an awful lot out there and I admit my head is swimming with them and I'm worrying which are based on what versions of WM or TF3D and what localle or language or hardware version they are good for. Some are even saying that the more recent official ROMs are not very stable (!). Does anyone know of a good, near-official ROM for a UK Orange Diamond. One that they have tried and seems stable and has TouchFlo moving smoothly? Thanks so much for any help or advice :D
  12. elementalist

    HTC Diamond on Orange

    I got an orange one today (just rang for an upgrade from my C600). The instructions mention all kinds of Orange menus and customisations, but the phone didn't have them - just seemed to have 'normal' TouchFLO. The problem is, because it's an Orange phone, the HTC website giving the official ROM updates won't let you register. Also, Orange do not have any facility to update. Great, huh? No choice but to invalidate the warranty if you want to update your phone... Thanks guys. Well, I just used the TL3 (wassit?) update and it worked fine. Not sure of any massive speed improvement and did get some freezing, but I did before too :D Here's hoping for a more stable version soon, or maybe I'll just get rid of TouchFLO and use basic Windows Mobile 6?... *sigh*
  13. The usual situation innit: Orange take the first phones knowing the ROMs will change and add their crappy custimizations then refuse to support and updates. HTC unfortunately appear to be refusing to support Orange Diamonds also. I phoned both and they both passed the buck. Thanks for this info - just completed the process and all seems well with it. It definitely seems faster - going through the same setup I did a couple of hours ago seems much smoother. It was ok before, but people could have it so much better - you'd have thought HTC and Orange would both really want folks to be raving about the handset *shrug* I guess they are fine with it being good rather than fantastic.
  14. elementalist

    Is there no phone for me?! Please help :)

    Thanks for that info. Interesting. I suppose an additional aspect to mention is that I would prefer not to spend much, ie. would prefer a contract phone. There don't seem to be any HTC phones (the newer ones, anyone) on their lists, so waiting for a new phone means adding aother 6 months for the mobile providers to get around to getting them ;) Bah. This whole thing is turning me into a moaner!
  15. elementalist

    Is there no phone for me?! Please help :)

    *sigh* Was hoping for more sympathy hehe. I guess noone else has my strong (disappointed) feelings for the way clamsheels have gone. Does noone have a desire for a phone that you can put in a pocket, or a desk, in a bag, put anywhere without worrying about damage to screen/camera/buttons/etc? ;) Anyway - I guess I am stuck with upgrading to another phone with an enormous delicate screen that I will have to delicately cradle against my bosom (all my shirts now have a top breast pocket for phone holding). Oh well - everyone has become used to my left breast lighting up when I get a call, anyway... Thanks for the advice - the new HTC smartphones do look like they do everything. Just a shame they aren't more robust... I just can't let it go, can I?! hehe

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