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  1. I've just recieved an SPV M2000 purchased in FRANCE. I really would like to upgrade the ROM and use an English one at that. I downloaded the latest ROM from orange.co.uk since I seem to have quite an old version on it 4.21.1088. I found on orange.UK this latest ver. RUU_v2.5_OrangeUK_v5.40.1.179.ship. When I tried to install the latest ROM , it gave me this error : ERROR 120: COUNTRY ID ERROR 28-28-27-27-27. I know that there could be a workarround but I hope to get this sort of help from this site, so please if anyone has any sort of insight please help. I would really start to enjoy this phone in plain sweet English language. I also know that it's got a different keyboard and the update might screw that , just a couple o' keys reversin' but i really need that EN language !
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