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  1. :rolleyes: I'm a newbie, so I know that is part of the problem. I've been trying to build a customized screen for 4 days. Part of my error was that I wasn't placing the file in the application data/home directory - fixed that now. My issue is that I can't get it just how I want it. If anyone can provide me some direction on the plug ins? At this point I'd pay for this, any help or direction to other links is greatly appreciated! This is how I was thinking it could lay out: Top Battery Life, 3G indicator, voice mail indicator, signal strength, blue tooth indicator Press "Okay" button brings up the Wireless Manager Plug in: Date and Time - Not Carrier Plugin: Shortcut to a Speed Dial or to the Speed Dial App Plugin: Calendar Plugin: Dial Pad (How do I just dial a phone number - outright, that is not in the contacts???) - This has driven me crazy Plugin: Email Plugin: Profile Plugin: SMS/MMS
  2. Thanks for the correction. :rolleyes: - Blackjack, I meant! Anyway, there isn't an error that I'm receiving. I'm tyring to customize my Home Screen Page to include various plugins. I have copied a xml file from my phone to my pc and made all my edits using Notepad (from a previous post here on how to make a customized home screen). I copy it back to my phone in the \Windows directory. Hot Sync And the new Home Screen that I made is not available in the Home Screen Menu on my phone. But, i know the file is there because if I look in File Explorere, the Customized home screens I made are there - and as xml files. Thank you LMo
  3. I was able to download the cab app and execute it fine on my Blackbird. I also have the BToggle option in my HomeScreen options. But what i can't do, is add the above plugin to my homescreen option of choice. In fact, any editing at all I do to any of the xml home screens do not transfer to my phone. If I search in the File Explorer, the new xml home screens are listed as being on the phone, but they do not show up as an option to choose in the Display/Home Screen. Really a newbie. Any help is appreciated. LMo
  4. Very much of a newbie to the Samsung Blackbird - bought it 3 days ago. I'm have customized 2 home screens - renamed the files (as per the pinned instructions somewhere on here!, great by the way) When I go to my Home Screen choices, my new screens are not there. Can anyone tell me what i'm doing wrong? LMo
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