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  1. markdotpeters5

    Google Daydream Mint £35 inc delivery

    Yes please Paul!
  2. Boxed, mint, delivery by Royal Mail Recorded Delivery. markdotpeters5 on Twitter / PSC any questions please ask :)
  3. markdotpeters5

    Revert back to stock?

    thanks for the help - think I'm going to upgrade to the new version of ARHD - if I can just figure out how!
  4. markdotpeters5

    Revert back to stock?

    Whoops, double post, apologies.
  5. markdotpeters5

    Revert back to stock?

    Hi all, I followed this tutorial - http://network-13.com/thread/3834-How-to-root-the-HTC-One-X and then installed Android Evolution HD 1.1.1 by mike1986 Then the OTA updated came out today from HTC, which I'd really like to apply as I have issues with signal. Is it possible to revert back to generic firmware? (Device is a 3 PAYG handset). I did a backup with clockworkmod, if that helps? I have looked on xda-developers and here, but getting slightly confused with all the new terminology as it's been a while since I mucked about with Android flashing. Or is it just a better idea to wait for a newer version of Android Evolution with these fixes in tow? Any help appreciated. thanks Mark
  6. I followed this article -> http://network-13.com/thread/3834-How-to-root-the-HTC-One-X which explains step by step for those of us less familiar with the process (me!). Before you do the fast boot command in step 5, make sure you select 'fastboot' on the phone. That part of the tutorial is missing, otherwise it's fairly straightforward. I'd suggest reading it all before you start... cheers M
  7. markdotpeters5

    Calendar bug

    if I set a calendar appointment on the phone with the default calendar app, and set a reminder.. it doesn't pop up... unless I clear my RAM in the task manager! tested this on a couple of appointments.. anyone else have this issue? Can't find it by searching... cheers M
  8. Finally got round to doing this! worked fine, Kies shows nothing next to firmware, but the *#272*....# menu shows XEU as expected. thanks OP!
  9. OK, so allshare is pretty cool, and I can stream pictures and videos to my WDTVLive box easily.. however one feature I really miss from my iPhone is streaming YouTube videos via Airplay. Is there any way of doing this with Allshare / Android? cheers M
  10. markdotpeters5

    New firmware in Kies for UK

    Is there any benefit in moving to the generic firmware then?
  11. markdotpeters5

    Signal Performance

    Yeah - in fairness mine's nowhere near that bad! It's fine most of the time, but occasionally when loading a page even when I have good signal the phone just fluctuates between '3g' and 'h' and takes ages to load the page. randomly, this seems to happen more with this forum than any other site!
  12. Ah so we'll get the generic firmware . Cool.
  13. What are the benefits of flashing, apart from getting rid of the O2 splash screen? Phone seems super stable and fast anyway, so not sure it's worth it... thanks M
  14. markdotpeters5

    Signal Performance

    I think I need to take my iphone out with me before I sell it and play spot the difference :-)
  15. markdotpeters5

    Signal Performance

    Hiall, have a Galaxy S2 (which is AWESOME!) but have noticed some signal performance issues. I'm using 3 which is normally excellent in my area, although I have noticed they've been having a few issues lately, so it could be that... However in a place in town I would normally expect to get a decent connection (phoned showed 2 bars and H) the call was breaking up. This isn't an isolated incident, so just wondered how other people have found it signal wise? cheers!

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