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  1. Your best bet is to sign up for Microsoft MyPhone (see here) - you can then backup/sync all the mesages, contacts, etc. on the phone. Once you've done the update, re-install MyPhone again (unless the update already includes it - some ROMs do) and sync everything back to the phone. Hope that helps, Mark. (There's also a program called PPCPimBackup - get it from http://www.dotfred.net - that does pretty much the same thing; it creates a backup of messages, contacts, call log, etc. that you can save on the storage card and then restore after the update. ONLY ONE PROBLEM......sometimes there are problems when restoring the SMS messages from the backup, especially when later versions of the HTC threaded messaging are being used.....use PPCPimBackup to backup/restore everything EXCEPT the SMS messages and use MS MyPhone for those.....)
  2. The Touch Pro only has 16-bit audio capabilities, so you won't get your WAV files to play....... :( The spec sheet (http://pdadb.net/index.php?m=specs&id=1306&view=1&c=htc_touch_pro_t7272_htc_raphael_100), says the following: Analog/Digital Converter (Recording): 16 bit nominal quantization 44100 Hz sampling frequency Digital/Analog Converter (Playing): 16 bit resolution 44100 Hz holding frequency Looks like you'll have to convert the files to 16bit format if you want to be able to play them..... Mark.
  3. The contacts are in a database called PIM.VOL, but you're on a hiding to nothing if you back that up and expect to be able to use it again on a new/replacement phone....... :D I posted this response (Recover text messages with broken black screen), which relates to backing up text messages - however, the same procedure can be applied to your predicament......plus you get a backup of calls/messages/contacts/appointments into the bargain :D Hope this helps, Mark.
  4. You've got a Touch Diamond...why are you posting in the "WM Standard (non Touchscreen)" forum B) probably would've gotten more help if you'd posted in the Diamond forum B) Oh well, here's what you need to do..... 1. Download MyMobiler from www.mymobiler.com - get the "setup" version. 2. Install MyMobiler on your Windows PC; as part of the installation, it installs the remote component on your phone; you may need to hit the screen where the left soft key is, just to accept the "this program comes from an untrusted publisher...." bit. (The left soft key "accepts" the installation). 3. Once MyMobiler is installed, you should have an icon in your system tray that looks (a little) like a phone - it'll either be blue, in which case you should be able to see your phone's screen on your desktop....or it'll be grey, in which case you need to double-click it to connect to your phone...then you'll see your phone's screen on your desktop. 4. Once you've got MyMobiler working, get PPCPimBackup from www.dotfred.net and use ActiveSync to copy it to your phone - it doesn't need installing, just copy it to your phone, go back to MyMobiler and use that to load File Explorer to locate PPCPimBackup and execute it. 5. Use PPCPimBackup to backup contacts, SMS messages, calls logs, etc... as you require. It will create a backup file on your phone/memory card (you specify the name/location as part of the backup procedure), you can then copy the backup file to your PC for safe keeping. You may also want to copy any other files/documents/pictures etc. off your phone and onto your PC, if you haven't already done so!! I think that procedure should work for you....post back with success or failure :D Mark.
  5. Sorted!!! Right then, all it needs now is a................... ;) just kidding :( /me to win - Yay!!! Mark.
  6. Fantastic competition - thanks Paul and superetrader :D Now, what would round that off nicely is if the lovely people at DSL Developments offered the HD2 winner a free Brodit car kit to go with it ;) Whew, what a Christmas that would be :D (Does that stroke of genius qualify me for another free entry??? :() Mark.
  7. Firstly, welcome to the site - enjoy!!! As far as "PC interface" software goes, there are one or two choices.......first, there's a bit of freeware called MyMobiler that will allow you to display/control your phone from your desktop PC. Secondly there's a popular utility, which sells for about £20/$40, called Soti Pocket Controller PRO which does the same sort of thing of MyMobiler, but has some more advanced features (e.g. printing, presentation mode, registry editor etc.). Personally, I use MyMobiler as it does everything I need - everyone has their favouritte though :D Have a look at these two; hopefully one of them will be just what you're looking for!! Mark.
  8. Try this utility.......... Hope it works for you!! Mark.
  9. Why don't you use PPCPimBackup (DotFred's PPCPimBackup) to backup the SMS messages from one phone, copy the backup file to the new phone and then use the same utility to restore them again. You need to make sure the destination accounts exist before you restore.... The utility runs on the phone, so you'll need to use ActiveSync (or a memory card) to get it on to both phones, plus some way of getting the backup file off one and on to the other..... There's a user manual on the home page - www.dotfred.net - that you can refer to if you get stuck ;) I have a vague recollection that there may be issues with threaded SMS (in WM6.x), but it's only vague......if in doubt, RTFM :D Hope this helps....and that it was quick enough :) Mark.
  10. There's a utility called "LCminutes" (hit Google for it) which does all that and more - it's a bit of a black art to set up but seems to work pretty well. See what you think :D Mark.
  11. Well, the only "solution" I know of is called WatchFlag, which watches for new emails arriving and then performs all sorts of alerts, colour coding, rules etc. on them. There's a 14-day trial version at http://www.watchflag.com (and they have a mobile site if you want to get to it from PIE B) - see http://m.watchflag.com). Hope that helps, Mark.
  12. You'll be referring to "Kleinweder", aka "kl1wdr" who had some amazing home screen designs for Windows SmartPhone (think a few ended up on my E200 too ;)). His web site is http://www.kleinweder.ch/index.php?lang=en, where he's still developing home screens :wacko: HTH.... Cheers, Mark.
  13. If you're using Exchange 2003 (w/SP2), then you don't have such "granular" control as you do with Exchange 2007; the Exchange ActiveSync policy is better on E2K7 and allows you to disable various components, as well as forcing encryption of email attachments on the storage card etc. (it even gives you the ability to restrict Exchange access to known devices only - by setting up MAC address access lists). Search around on Jason Langridge's blog, as he's posted some useful articles/links to various device setup/provisioning tasks......not that this site doesn't have a good deal of information ;) This link - http://www.microsoft.com/technet/solutiona...fpdepguide.mspx - is a good starting point for a new deployment (assuming you are using E2K3 SP2!)...... Cheers, Mark.
  14. Tell you what it might have been.... My phone (TyTN II) sometimes fails to get the QuickGPS update (Start | Programs | QuickGPS to see when it was last updated, that might give you a clue) and throws out a "reminder-like" sound. More often than not, the default action of "Try again in five minutes" will sort it, it just seems to fail (randomly) on the first attempt. Oh, and it puts an icon in the top bar that looks like a satellite dish..... Hope that helps, Mark.
  15. How scary is that :o I installed v1.4 on my Vista machine this morning, tried it (to push my Resco Explorer 7.01 update across :(), got the same error as everyone else and thought....."Hmm, must have a search on MoDaCo for a Vista compatible version...." ....and then you go and post one!!! Thanks Paul, much appreciated! Mark.
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