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  1. Hey Larry!!! Nice to see you back from the dead! I would like to hear about a possible finalized version for smartphone soon as well!!!
  2. The reason they went after the Omnia 2 is because it is one of the most popular WinMo phones in the US. So why wouldn't Jobs take a crack at their biggest rival in the PC market by showing one of their biggest phones "behaving badly"? I think he should be grateful to Microsoft for bailing out Apple right after Jobs took over as CEO and begged Bill Gates for the money to keep Apple afloat.
  3. A Freebie for your PC to do the autostich is Windows Live Photos program, part of the Windows Live Essentials.
  4. Also, try Microsoft MyPhone. It's free and it syncs using your dataplan every night. myphone.microsoft.com
  5. Try SmartGear. Its just 10 USD for a lifetime license for the probably the most robust and powerful (and, most importantly, still actively updated) multi-system emulator available for WinMobile. You can find the links right here on this very forum! It does GBC, but not GBA (yet!)!
  6. Will the rewind be only able to bounce back one of these auto-saves, or will multiple presses make it bounce mack more than one?
  7. Think of it more as a closed beta. The 2 minute limit is for you to find out if your ROMs work with it.
  8. The controller for PS1 was the ASCII Grip, I bought one and love it for playing games like Final Fantasy VII and FF Tactics. Other than games like those, it was practically useless, due to the fact it was kinda hand-cramping due to the unusual way the buttons were laid out and they were not condusive to anything more than making menu selections because of it. As for the Zeemote, the analog stick setup and the better arrangement of buttons makes it better than the Grip.
  9. Larry only uses zip format for his beta versions. When he ramps up the next full release, it will be available in both self-installing executable and cab file. As much as I'd love to do the beta beat, I rarely have time to play around on my phone or anything else these days. I'll wait for the next big release. Great program for my Ozone, Larry! Just anxiously awaiting the SNES stuff!
  10. AND you can find your phone if you lose it, if it GPS enabled. Plus, you can even remotely manage the data on the phone using the website myphone.microsoft.com. Also, if it is lost, you can remotely wipe the phone and display a lockout/"return me" screen on the display. Your first lost locate is free, after that, only 4.95 USD.
  11. Although, I do recall reading somewhere that the Model 3 and the CDX both used a very early system on a chip setup which is incompatible with the SMS addon because of the lack of an actual Z80 chip, rather the chip is emulated.
  12. Thanks, Larry. I fergot we were talking about Splatter House, not just the Genesis systems. :huh: Stupid werk, frying my brains...
  13. IF you can find a working Nomad. :huh: That thing was as rare and expensive as NEC's portable TG16 system. OOOOH! We should get Larry to put Atari Lynx support into SG! :P
  14. TG16= NEC TurboGrafix 16 SH2=Sega Genesis Generation 2 (the most common version of the system) SH3=Sega Genesis Generation 3 (the "broken" system not actually made by Sega, the crummiest of them all)
  15. I work for Qwest, and we pay for return shipping if your broadband modem dies on you, under warranty or rental of course. Oh, and the cost of our modems? $99.99 at the most. Also, the Xbox 360 Elite costs $300 and Microsoft sends out return labels or lets you print a pre-paid label if the system dies under warranty as well! So, there's two prime examples of this not being the trend in consumer electronics. I do have other examples, if you want them.
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