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  1. iamdarren

    nexus 4 does have a 4G chip says IfiXIt?

    I'm hoping the 1 band just happens to be o2 so I can use it. :D the auction is up but no idea what band it is
  2. iamdarren

    HTC EVO 3D Owners

    Also the other site rootzwiki. Not been on there much but it's on my radar
  3. iamdarren

    HTC EVO 3D Owners

    I've got an evo 3d in the uk. Its on the older hboot 147 or 148 I used revolutionary to root it and then installed the latest clockwork mod right from rom manager it was that easy. Its a nice blue instead of the orange I was used to on my old desire. Theres aren't that many roms out for it at the moment, but the place to look for them is xda. Currently I'm using villain rom. With leedroids dualcore script. Theres no correct kernel clsource code for the gsm evo 3d. Apparently htc released it but its not right. Doesn't match the board I think I read. For now its ok. Runs smooth. Does get hot sometimes at the top end or of the phone. Might be the professors which I have locked to interactive and both online. I like the htc app watch. As finally we have a video download solution. But films are 1gb each. Quality is very good on this screen. The sound from the loud speaker is very quiet. My girlfriends samsung gs2 has a much louder and clearer speaker. But I wouldn't swap the evo for the samsung. I am very dissapointed htc havent released the 3d films yet. All we gsm users get in 3d are some pics preloaded. I think htc need to pull their fingers out. They seem to be launching new models like theres no tomorrow. I hope they don't pass this handset by. As they released the hardware. Produce the software! Media! Thanks. Also theres a 3d app on the market called phereo get that and search prague.....
  4. Brilliant I will rename another when I get home from work. Thanks paul
  5. i noticed the same thing, but i paid and now can download using kitchen, theres problems with hr7 on my TF though. no youtube/buzzing as others have described, i would stay on 3.0.1 untill the mystery has been solved. :D
  6. i paid for the adfree so i could use kitchen, which i do see future use of. but this rom, doesnt seem to be playing well on the TF i tried both kernels both do buzzing, no cam and no youtube. waiting for an update, considering going back to stock (shamefully) any ideas, seems like last time, when all we neeeded was a new BLOB to correct hardware operation. as ive wiped te TF im willing to test stuff, i want 3.1 :D well done with all the work so far paul.
  7. I agree. Don't sell the laptop. There's still a way to go with tablets, before they can replace what a laptop can do.
  8. on amazon theres a section to leave feedback just on packaging... i think they pride themselves on this sh!t make sure you dont forget to comment ;-)
  9. im suprised no one has posted this in here yet... pop over to XDA theres netarchy thread on the kernel, you just flash it like a flashable zip update then the blob magic begins. atm i have prime 1.3 installed and running at 1.4 all day long no issues, some report SOD (sleep of death)im sure its just freezing though not bricking.. http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1090510 p.s told the wife i needed to use the laptop to download a file, so i could flash my blob.... didnt she give me funny look...
  10. i ordered the case off of amazon for £39.99 still hasnt arrived yet. i wasnt really impressed that i ordered it april 25th and then a week later it hadnt arrived, so i emailed the seller, he said ASUS had not yet realeased the case, and he was waiting for the shipment, i should get it 9th may week or the week after..... sigh... still not smart case here.. at least amazon email you when its been dispatched. i will just keep and eye out for the email. actually im going to pester the seller right now. edit: just had a look at says will be despatched soon 20th to 28th may ordered on 29th april i placed it with Super-E-trader
  11. iamdarren


    i contacted gameloft regarding the asus transformer, and if i could get a xoom version to download, they told me they didnt support it and i couldnt download the games. im betting that it would work though. Theres a game which looks a bit tasty called modern combat. i think its just like COD
  12. good find!, got my dock in the offer though :unsure: im not sure why display shows as 12"1 lol
  13. ive got my keyboard, the lady nextt door took delivery of it last night, its very nice. i do feel like the trasfromer is slow now though. need to get this damn thing overclocked. :unsure:
  14. i used SUFBS and then mounted and READ+WRITE then i pasted the file into system/app working fine here "Mr Paul" you will need root to do this.

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