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  1. psionara

    Touch switching itself off

    by "off" do you mean all the way off (so that you have to do a full startup), not a lot of chance of bumping the power button as it has to be held for about 3 seconds and then there is a confirmation message with a YES / NO dialog. If you mean sleep mode then it does that after x minutes of no activity. If it turns itself fully off then you should return it to get fixed
  2. psionara

    HTC Touch, Australia / Optus OK

    It isn’t obvious (to me) where all the settings are, the Touch has a Network Connection Wizard which asks via dropdown lists for a country and network provider (it has Australia and various Australian providers), it then sets all the connection settings according to the selections – magic ? Digging around this is what I found but there might be more hidden away somewhere GPRS Settings There is only one setting, PAP authentication (set) & CHAP authentication (not set) MMS Settings (under options when you create a new MMS in Messaging) Server Tab Server Name : Optus MMS Gateway : Port : 8070 Server Address : http://mmsc.optus.com.au:8002 Connect via : Optus MMS Settings (this is a dropdown list with Optus MMS Settings, Optus WAP Settings, Optus Internet Settings, some others and the standard My ISP / Work, only the last ones visible in the “manage connections” WAP Version : WAP 2.0 Hope these help
  3. psionara


    Paid for and am happy with the SPD Full Screen KB but this one ("KOTETU Happy Tapping Keyboard") looks interesting (I haven't tried it myself yet) http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=296455
  4. psionara

    HTC Touch Network Wizard

    Sorry, I can't find anything that looks like the network wizard program or data, maybe someone more knowledgeable on WM6 can point us in the right direction, perhaps HTC support can supply ?
  5. psionara

    HTC Touch Network Wizard

    Mine (bought via expansys uk) has 35 countries covering Australia/NZ, US, UK , most other European, South American, most Asian. I would think the list and settings are in some xml file somethere, I will have a look when I get a chance.
  6. I am not here to do htc pr work but I find some of the “reviews” (like the bbc one) very shallow and a bit blinded by apple hype. The touchflow stuff does take a little getting used to, you have to press a bit to make it work and it doesn’t go very deep but covers much of the areas of common use and I rarely use the stylus for these (including “contact navigation”). Some comment has been made regarding its ability to distinguish between a screen stylus press and a screen finger press. This does seem to work well and many standard wm6 buttons/functions work well and consistently only using a finger / thumb. Text could have been done better but there are several (see elsewhere this site) good / cheap options. As with all technology something better will be along tomorrow but you might also die waiting for the perfect device, this one will keep me happy for the next few years
  7. psionara

    Music on HTC touch questions

    The standard HTC headphones that come with it work very well for me
  8. psionara

    HTC Touch, Australia / Optus OK

    Now available in Australia http://www.smh.com.au/news/phones--pdas/new-touch-mobile-is-no-iphone-copycat/2007/07/04/1183351220390.html It is a great phone.
  9. psionara


    Well for what it's worth I have loaded these and found that the SPD Full Screen KB is the one for me. MessagEase: IMHO, still requires the stylus to use well even in the large format and while good speed seems possible I am not gong to spend time learning new keyboard skills at my advanced age. TenGo Thumb: I must be missing something fundamental as it just did not work well for me, almost all the words it suggested as what I was trying to input were wrong and I had to pick letters one by one from the suggestions, I did not even get thru my test few paragraphs before it was de-installed (another minus is it “requires to be loaded in main memory and not storage card.) SPD Full Screen Keyboard: I did not think I was going to like this because of the “full screen” bit, ie can’t see the any of the document into which you are typing BUT the ease of use, quality of the word completion and the overall speed I immediately got without having to learn anything new or “practice” made me change my mind. This one is for me HTC include a free SPD GPRS monitor on the application cd, seems they could have bought 50,000 SPD KB for almost nothing and included these with the Touch and this would have addressed 50% of the negative comments I have read re the Touch, even made a special HTC skin, maybe done a little more re deeper integration (SPD KB integrates pretty well as is). Anyway I recommend the SPD KB.
  10. psionara


    The options appear to be TenGo Thumb ( http://www.tengo.net/ ) - or from here "for Plus members" MessagEase ( http://www.exideas.com ) SPD Full Screen Keyboard ( http://www.spbsoftwarehouse.com ) all have free trials From a very quick play - SPD would be moe to my likeing but the "full screen" does not show any of the actual document so the typing has no "context" problem if you lose trach of where you are or what you have said. TenGo & MessagEase both show some of the document into which you are typing which is good but require you to learn and use a different sytle of keyboard (not too diferent for TenGo). MessageEase, even with the big version still appears to be a more stylus oriented approach. My ideal might be a "less than full screen" version of SPD but you can't please everyone. Any others?, any "happy user" recommendations ? Thanks
  11. Perhaps, especially if you have experienced the (perhaps slow) evolution of WM but for me the last time I experienced WM was 2003 version and much of the setup etc was a bit cryptic etc, WM6 seems a lot lot easier and more usable, I am not looking for a full Office 2007 replacement but a reasonable approximation which WM6 (professional) seems to have
  12. I have never bought a mobile from overseas before and have read some warnings about this (warranty issues / incompatibility with local networks etc). Caution increased after I emailed HTC to ask if / when they would have an Australian version (all other Asian country sites on Dopod have them listed except Oz). They responded quickly to say that mobiles could not be sold in Australia without government certification and the testing process was generally “sponsored” (ie paid for) by a network provider. All primary Australian networks are pushing their 3G offerings and not interested in GSM even though the GSM networks are far more extensive then the 3G ones. It's a bit silly really, if someone form UK buys a Touch and flys to Oz on holidays and turns it on are they going to bring the network down. The Touch said buy me, buy me so I decided to take the risk, after all GSM is GSM (except in US?). Anyway, took SIM (Optus, less than 2 years old) out of the old phone, dropped it in the touch and turned it on and it works perfectly. Not only that but the GPRS connection wizard has entries for Optus (and others) in Australia and this correctly configured the GPRS and other bits and that works as well. Setting up my ISP email account it had me enter my email address and asked if I wanted it to detect the configuration settings, it ran off and configured very thing and that also works. I am impressed. Still have work email, VPN , Wi-Fi etc to do. Some I hope this encourages anyone in a similar situation. :)
  13. After looking at all the reviews around the net I decided that this one was for me and ordered from expansys, 6 days (UK > Oz, including a weekend) later I have it in my hot little hands and I can tell already that it is going to take some significant technological enhancements before this one is prised out of my fingers. It feels and looks VERY nice and so far there is nothing that is a problem for me. It is causing some envy around the office. I will post observations over in the HTC elf / touch forum. :) :P ;)
  14. Yes, could be an option, one drawback of 3rd party solutions (for text and also like "phonepad" above) is that they all end up having their own dictionaries for word completion and you end up adding the same words in numerious places (where adding is possible) therefore an OEM solution (either HTC or MS) is preferable (to me). If / when I get a Touch I will try the standard input methods for a while as they often grow on you and prove better than expected. We will see I guess, thanks again

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