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  1. benjymous

    Get O2 Priority Moments FREE with a Pay & Go SIM

    In which case, anyone care to share the apk?
  2. benjymous

    Get O2 Priority Moments FREE with a Pay & Go SIM

    Does the app itself test the sim/network in any way, or is that just the play store? Does the app detect your phone number, and detect the incoming SMS, or does it just ask you to type in your phone number, then type in the code you get back? If so, then you could probably sideload the apk onto a non-O2 Android phone, and put the SIM into an unlocked dumbphone (if your Android phone isn't unlocked, but you have a spare old unlocked phone, or a friend with an O2 phone that you can put your temp SIM into)
  3. I got a £10 stylus from a branch of Clas Ohlson: http://www.clasohlson.com/uk/Targus-Media-Tablet-Stylus/Pr384285000 I've been pretty happy with it - it works fine for drawing in Draw Something and Autodesk SketchBook - I can draw much more accurately with that than I ever could with my fingers!
  4. benjymous

    Getting .apk files from the Market on a PC

    Is there a way to actually get at the .apk file with that? I added an app from the web interface, but the app on the phone just tries to go to the regular android store, which doesn't show the app I want to install ;)
  5. Hi All, I've just got a SE X10 mini - it's a great little phone, but lots of apps don't show up in the market - presumably because the devs haven't flagged the apps as supporting the QVGA screen. Is there a way I can manually browse the market on a PC and download the .apk?
  6. benjymous

    Cold calling

    In reply to drblow, we did register with the TPS, about 6 months ago, yet still get a constant barage of marketing calls, all from overseas (which we presume is a handy loophole if they don't have to comply with UK laws) However, we think we've had a result. Yesterday my fiancee phoned up "Moco Direct" and ended up speaking with their head of marketing, who was very appolgetic, and said he'd do everything he could to make sure the calls wouldn't continue (and was shocked when he was told that we *had* registered with TPS yet their marketing calls were continuing) He made sure we've got his name and a direct phone number to him, and told us to let him know if the calls continue.
  7. benjymous

    Cold calling

    Yup - it's just TPS + free caller ID. Yup, that's pretty much what I'd presumed. I've got an 0800 number for their UK customer service department, so we'll be in touch with them
  8. benjymous

    Cold calling

    Since I moved into a new house 9 months ago, we've regularly had lots of marketing calls. We registered with the BT's privacy thingy, and got caller display enabled, which stopped all the UK based callers, but we still get lots of calls that seem to originate from overseas call centres (typically India, judging by their accents) The phone displays "Out of Area" when we recieve such calls, so we at least know what to expect, but it's very annoying when we can get up to 7-8 calls per day. This evening my fiancee answered the phone, and immediately asked who the caller was representing. The reply was T Mobile / "Moco Direct" I've checked them out online, and they seem to be a perfectly legit phone reseller, with no obvious bad vibes about them on the google searches I've done. Is there anything we can do to get removed from their database? Are they breaking UK laws, or is using an overseas call centre a nice little loophole for them? I'm wondering if they're also in breach of the data protection act, as we have told them on numerous occasions that we're not interested, and requested to be removed from their database, but the calls continue. I'm guessing the D.P.A. wouldn't apply either as the callers aren't in the UK. Does anyone have any suggestions?
  9. benjymous

    Does anyone remember this?

    Nokia Game?
  10. benjymous

    Speaking Clock

    There's an alternative american female voice set here: http://grapefruitopia.com/smartphone/data/clock_american.zip (just unzip it and copy the wavs over the existing ones on your phone) But you can easily make your own, just replace the wavs with another voice - "intro.wav" is the bit at the beginning, so you could have a woman saying "hey sexy, it's.." rather than just "the time is" if you so desired ;-)
  11. benjymous

    Speaking Clock

    You need to use a file manager on your phone - if you're using a c500, just run the pre-installed file manager, browse to the clock's .exe, select Menu -> File -> Create Shortcut, then select your storage\windows\start menu folder
  12. benjymous

    Minimo running on Windows Mobile

    Hmm.. Can somebody edit the above post so that the images appear on the portal?
  13. It looks like the Project to get Mozilla ported to Windows Mobile is progressing nicely from these screenshots found here. [Credit: rebron.org]
  14. The BetaPlayer guys are working on adding skinning support, and want people to come up with interface mockups, so I figured it'd be worth letting the people here know! See this thread
  15. benjymous

    Speaking Clock

    Presently no, the path it looks for the sound files is hard-coded. When I complete my current smartphone project I'll go back and make an updated 2003 version of Speaking Clock that'll be more intelligent, and so let you install the wavs wherever you like

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