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  1. Yes, it's the SYSTEM USB directory if I remember rightly. Somebody told me there may be different voltage requirements from drive-to-drive but whether there is any truth in that I have no idea. I assumed that all USB drives used a 'standard' supply. Feel free to put me right!
  2. Hi guys! Seems to me as though you're all discussing the issue from quite different perspectives and not surprisingly because of the wideness of trev's initial point. My belief is that Apple, Google etc can and will coexist with their own strengths and weaknesses, a little like UPS, TNT and Fedex. They've all got their own MO and they're all still going. As has already been stated, business is business but to give the shareholders their cut they have stay in the race so that's where new design and R&D come into it. As for a kludge Si, it certainly appears to be, BUT a very nice one though. Technically, from what's been said, it's obviously not perfect but from a user's perspective it appears to work quite nicely, especially when compared to earlier Android versions. From thst point of view, I think it will continue to develop just as Windows has done and as long as there are clever folk out there with the knowledge, they'll continue to hack and improve on other folks designs for the benefit of others. These guys are true engineers - they NEED to make things work and improve on existing design; it's in their nature and not always about the money or prestige. The end users, well, they're happy to wait with baited breath until the devs have achieved what they hoped to. Most of the folks who come on here and Tabletroms are just up for the 'excitement' of what can be achieved. As long as opensource and gnu licences exist there's a good future for android I reckon. For me, they've all got a good future.
  3. I use BS Player Lite with Vegacomb 3.2 v8.1. It plays all my .avi files and all others too without any problems at all. Funnily enough, it insists you need to download the ARM7 version before it works successfully. No biggie though, it gives you the link to the market and it downloads in a few seconds.
  4. I used a Western Digital successfully when using r8 but sometimes I needed to simply pull out the USB connector and then reinsert it before I could see it in ifile manager. It took at least a couple of minutes too, which I assume is because of the info being loaded. See what happens dude. On the down side, a mate of mine using r8 had an external drive that just wouldn't work. We tried it on about 5 other Vegas. Good luck!
  5. Very, very nice! Really good work fellas! Thanks!
  6. WoW! Now there are 3 replies here: @Richie. Dude, you pretty much need to ignore everything I've said from the looks of it. My explanations don't fit this scenario at all and are largely irrelevant to be honest. Sorry about that! In answer to your question though, yes, in general resistors are used in a potential divider network to provide the bias on any transistor amplifier. The choice of values is part of the design stage. In addition to this, each amplifier output is matched to the input stage of the next amp usually using a CR network to buffer dc whilst allowing the information to pass through unhindered. Does that make sense?? I hope it's right or Les is gonna have me in detention!! ;) Here ya go RichWikipedia Biasing Link here @Eduardo. Thanks very much indeed for telling us about the way this works and how you've managed it. Although it's above my full understanding I think I understand at least the concept. Like Les, I too appreciate all of your efforts in getting HC up and running on the Vega. It really is incredible that you, along with the other guys, have managed this incredible achievement! @Les. I really appreciate you explaining this for me! I'm now about to put a schematic on a bit of paper and see if I can get it to work, if you know what I mean! Thanks! Funnily enough, I mentioned to you a couple of posts ago that I thought the modern way of industry was box-changing rather than discrete components etc, well, that unfortunately is the way my industry went. I now understand how 'de-skilled' I've become over the last few decades! Thanks guys!
  7. LoL! That's the kind of thing I had pictured in my mind. Would you have to limit the existing output stage though, now that it would effectively become an intermediate stage? In other words, the effect of keeping the same gain might lead to the NEW output stage being overdriven.
  8. LoL! Well, I blame the teachers. If they didn't impart the knowledge so damned well then people like me wouldn't have to work night shift! :P The maths is something that I have long forgotten Les but if I get time maybe I'll even go back through my old stuff and try to re-learn it all. I remember [fairly vaguely] changing the amp bias to vary the gradient in order to reduce clipping but that's really the limit of my memory. My suggestion about an additional amplifier stage was really an idea to improve the gain overall as opposed to the immediate problem of burning out speakers. Sorry about that. I lost sight of the actual intention of Richie's investigation in the first place. My apologies Rich! Thanks again Les! I think I've got a bit of reading-up to do!
  9. Well, it's not superior knowledge on my part Richie. In fact, more of memories from 30 years ago! Funnily enough, I don't think replacing the speakers on their own would help. If the amplifier stages are overdriving to cause clipping then, as Les says, the bias voltage on the amplifier has to be changed to enable the signal equal displacement either side of the carrier. It still wouldn't prevent clipping if the signal level exceeds the cut-off level. That's determined by the circuit design itself. All this ONLY if my memory serves! Please correct me if I've got it all wrong Les! For me, the solution would be to use a tiny amp and install it between the existing amplifier and the audio output. Then there would also be something to gain from replacing the speakers. Now that's just my thoughts and I have no idea if it would work tbh Richie. The man to ask if and how it can be done would be Les. He's probably forgotten more than I was ever taught! ;) By the way, I take my hat off to you for looking in to this bud! It's people like yourself, opening up discussions (AND the Vega!), that make modaco what it is! A great place to learn from everybody elses hard efforts! Reschpekt dude! B)
  10. That's good! It never occurred to me that circuit theory was still taught!! I always assumed that these days you'd learn a more modular approach - in other words, card and box changing.
  11. I agree, it seems to fit the bill here for me. Nostalgia for me too Les. I don't remember too much about the amps tbh. Only the A,B, AB and C class amps but not in detail. If you asked me to calculate the values for the bias networks I'd be well screwed! LoL Are you still in the electronics game Les??
  12. Here ya go! A little light reading about resonant circuits and the effects of inductive and capacative reactance in a tuned circuit: Wikipedia: LC Circuits Something to help you sleep at night dude. ;) Actually, that was more to do with what Les was saying about frequency. Unfortunately, speakers can burn out because an amplifier is UNDER powered. What happens is, the amplifier is over-driven causing clipping. Under such conditions pure dc is applied to the speech coils causing massive heat increase because of the resistive element. The rest is unfortunately new speakers!
  13. You're absolutely right. They do indeed recommend not using task killers but I have to say, certain apps like BBC iPlayer seem to start up automatically on my Vega (r8) and I can't understand why? Mind you - I don't understand MUCH about Android yet! ;-) In that respect I'm thinking of using one.
  14. I use mine at work mostly! I work on aircraft for a living and I've loaded all of the manuals into the EZPDFReader Library. That app absolutely rocks in my humble opinion. Makes my work life really very fast - a great deal faster than using a PC. In those 'quieter' moments, I surf with the old Dolphin and check out some youtube vids. If I could only get r8 to work with OpenVPN I'd be watching some of those BBC and ITV programmes too; I work abroad though! C'est La Vie! ;-)
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